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  1. Yeah mainly drifting I think they do that If anything I'll just get the gts 27mm front sway bar an coil overs an leave it at that
  2. Yeah I know I only have one cam mate, I wanted to do stage 2 or 3 cam but I'm not going to now I'm going to focus on the handling.. an then throw in a turbo eventually A mate, even sent me a link to a forum called r31 skyline club...
  3. I won't bother with the cams then If anything I'll just finish the handling first before I even throw in a turbo Just wondering anyone has much advice on the sway bars been told to get 27mm front sway bar and then dual sway bars... problem is I want to drive the car as a daily but at the same time if I want to have a little fun I'll do it but if heard dual rear sway bar will make the rear to lively for a daily car any advice? As well I'm not sure why I'm being told to get wider sway bar on the Front?
  4. If already got the extractors an exhaust done next will be getting alarm system and coil overs and saving up for vlturbo manifold.. was gonna do the cams but might do that last struggling finding any good cams especiallu lifters any links to help with that would be appreciated cheers
  5. Hi guys I'm looking to get the EXHAUST an extractors I already know what exhaust I'm getting 2 n half inch mandrel bend 2 mufflers Only questions I have really is the extractors What brand? Leaning towards hurricane and pacemaker... as well Im not sure what ratio or whatever it's called does what..? My motor came out of a vl it was originally a Nissan rb30 so my question is might be stupid but when I get the extractors do I get the vl ones or the r31? Because iv heard the vl ones are 10mm off the catback or something like that.... So basically I was to avoid any mucking around an make sure it bolts straight on an goes into the cat back with no issues thanks Jonathan
  6. I doubt I'd be able to get Hr31 struts r31 parts are getting much harder to get specially hr31
  7. Yeah I asked angry Industries no go, am i just better getting king springs all around? Bit cheaper less f***ing around and what not cheers
  8. @niZmO_Man @GTSBoy another question I'm looking to eventually get coil overs for my car just wondering if use know any good ones where I don't have to spend an arm and a leg... I seen on eBay 1500 for only 2 lol.. I'm willing to pay 1500 for a whole set of 4 but yeah so any advice or links would be appreciated by the way I haven't done the s13 suspension conversion so I'D need r31 coil overs
  9. I haven’t got the 3inch exhaust yet i was asking for your opinions before I even bought it.. I’m already changing the front bushes I’ll get the mechanic to have a look at the control arms as well are the gts1/2 style manifold 6 to 2 to 1 easy to find any links you can reccomend cheers
  10. What do you mean by that sorry I don’t understand?
  11. Might be a stupid question but If I end up getting the 3inch exhaust can I run it on my car n/a will it change anything on my car in a bad way? Cause I just want to do a few things to make it sound better and go better as well get a few things done before I throw a turbo in it.. If I can put on the 3inch exhaust what one would use reccomend so the car doesn’t sound like shit any advice would be appreciated thanks
  12. Hi I’m just wanting some advice on some mods for my silhouette? Iv taken already taken off the stock air box an put in a pod filter and what not.. I’m just wondering what’s a good exhaust to throw on to get that nice RB sound as well I do plan on chucking on a turbo Iv heard that you need a 3inch exhaust when you throw on the turbo an hear when it’s n/a you can get 2 1/2 inch exhaust so any advice would help and be appreciated even any ideas on any other mods as well here’s a couple photos of my 31 let me know what use think of the air intake an what not aswel cheers
  13. Found a place to fit an alarm system I’ll be getting it done next week another question my cluster the original one I had the fuel played up an odometer didn’t work bought a new one and everything works Except the fuel gauge and Oil plays up which is shit iv heard that you can get these things called odometer COG SPEEDO GEAR SUITS for Holden commies just wondering if there’s any way I can fix the fuel gauge and the oil without having to buy another cluster an hope for the best cheers
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