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  1. Just checked, one of the previous owners swapped it for a digital one. Looks pretty new, so I'm guessing that's not the issue. Man that's a bummer if that's the issue. I'll drain and replace the trans/transfer fluids and see if there are any plate bits in there. Based on how the car feels when AWD engages I wouldn't be shocked if the clutch pack is worn out. Figured it had more life since there is only about 96k km's on it (assuming no rollback). Are there any transfer case rebuild kits out there? I wasn't able to find anything when searching. Luckily there is a place nearby that rebuilds R32 GTR transfer cases if there aren't decent kits. I'll let y'all know how the new fluids work out...and start budgeting for a transfer case rebuild lol. Oh well good excuse to swap clutch/fly wheel and get a new down pipe.
  2. I'll take a look at the sensor tonight after work, see if I can see anything up with it. I know there is one guy with a GTR nearby, may see if he'll let me borrow his for a day.
  3. Looking at it again last night with the top diagram, I'm pretty sure that's the right PN. I'll try loosening and re-tightening the banjo's just to see, but it looks like it's coming directly from the rubber portion of the line. You're right though a clean should help pin-point it. Last night I tried topping up the system with some Castrol Dexron VI ATF. The AWD ran better but still felt like it was surging/slipping. I checked the reservoir and the fluid level was the same as when I filled it. Is the surging/slipping when the AWD engages a typical sign of a different problem? I thought I lucked out with a leaky line. I'm hoping it's not the pump since those appear to be rather pricey. In the meantime is it safe to cruise the car with the fuse pulled or does that risk wrecking the front/center diffs?
  4. I need to replace the high pressure line from the pump to the transfer case since it's leaking (PN 41706), car was bucking under WOT acceleration and removing the AWD fuse resolved it. I'm wondering if anyone knows the best way to replace the line without spilling fluid everywhere? Is there a way to fully drain the ATTESA system or do I just unbolt the line and hope I have enough brake kleen to get it all after? Also, regarding fluid. I've poked around on the forum but haven't seen a solid answer. I can't seem to get my hands on Nissan Power Steering Fluid Special, so I was thinking I would just go for Nissan Matic D since others have had good luck with that, unless someone knows a place that will ship PSFS to Michigan, US? I included pictures of the leaky line and the diagram I pulled the PN from in case I got the part number wrong.
  5. oh that looks like a great winter project. Thanks for the link. Yeah, the kit is definitely some cheap japanese H1/H3 adapter kit, meant to go in anything. I attached what me current light looks like, so I think I'll need a whole new housing to fix that.
  6. So it has an HID kit in there, but I think it's too hot for the housing (internal chrome is peeling up). I was thinking of taking it back to stock to stop the heat fully wrecking the housing.
  7. Awesome, thanks I'll reach out to him. That would be great, just sent you a PM.
  8. Looking for the stock rear deck speaker grills for an R32 GTR. My car has big/clunky and rather ugly aftermarket speaker boxes that I'm hoping to remove. Any help finding some stock grill/speaker covers appreciated!
  9. Looks great, congratulations! Picked up mine from MD just last week.
  10. Hey, finally registering since I just bought my childhood dream car. It's a 1993 R32 GT-R in BL0. Just about stock aside from an HKS oil cooler, some audio stuff, HID kit and an alarm. Has a few odds and ends that need fixing but overall in pretty good shape. Already have an HKS Super Turbo catback in the mail. I'm in the Detroit, MI area so it stands out a bit in the sea of american muscle here. Some pictures of it are below, as well as the car I sold to buy it (I'm sure ya'll are familiar with it. It was one of the few in the US with a stick). Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
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