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  1. So have found/been offered a r32 nistune ecu from a r32gtr will this work ok in the r33 gtst
  2. Thanks guys I’ll stay away. would any 1 have idea of a good ecu to go I’m not chases game massive power. Just want something that will be reliable an not cost the earth
  3. Up gradeing my current ecu from wolf 3D to possibly a power fc with controller now I have found 1 that works an was in a running 25det neo. I have a r33 25det but not a neo will it still work in my set up or not. Might be a stupid question but am new to the hole aftermarket ecu game
  4. So pulled out the cluster it appears that there is a yellow video plug to it an the little 2 pin power plug. i searched car can’t find a remote follow the wires there is 1 litre box in boot that has remote sensing wire the video wire an sound wire. Then there is another harness that plugs off of that but what ever it plugs into is missing so I’m guessing the ej1 box has gone. Is there any other use for screen? How much is it worth $ wise. I’ve owned a few 32 an 33 coupes this is the 1st nismo dash like that I’ve ever seen
  5. Is it possible it was hooked to the nav as the car is originally a jap import an has the old nav aerial an CD stacker in boot also where would they usually hide the bits would it fit under dash as nothing under the front seats
  6. At this point I can find all wires in the boot but no Epson. the lcd will flash on then off so gets power. Not sure if dieing or the fact no feed to it
  7. Have just got a r33 skyline has a nismo dash with lcd will flick on then flick off i think I’m missing the ej1 driver but not sure is there anyway I can wire into ecu
  8. Hey guys hopefully right area to post I have just got a r33 coupe has the nismo dash with lcd screen now the screen will flick on but flicks off again i have 1 box in the boot but think I’m missing the main driver also appears to be missing remote Does any1 have pics of the driver box a English manual (can’t find one) any ideas how to keep screen running and can I wire it into the ecu or does it need the ej1 driver
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