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  1. Id vote 1.5 way, i have a s15 helical in mine. It unloads alot and doesnt have a consistent tension between left and right. Kinda unpredictable imo.
  2. continued, dyno chart on the stock rb25 V3 turbo Then time for paint! This was shortly followed by sticking brake calipers soooo you know the drill and finally the current state, the noisy transmission got really bad so I pulled it and rebuilt it. and since the trans was out I mean why not pulled the engine? I'd been meaning to repaint the bay and drop in the freshly rebuilt Tomei turbo. Btw parts took months to ship over for the rebuild and I probably should have gone with a 3071r. oh well next year. Found a few small issues such as a dirty oil pick up and a very rusty alternator which shows why I had some funky charging situations at times. Timing belt was worn and oil pump was inspected so overall glad I took the extra step to check it all. Next update will be the repainted block and bay.
  3. Thanks, theres a bunch more to add but i cant edit the original post or delete the duplicated pics haha. I will just add it under
  4. I got this car in pretty rough shape but it had a running 25 neo, haltech and a specialties engine harness. It didnt run well, awful ecu calibration, blown tomei turbo, a fuel pump flying around the fuel tank and a parasitic drain on the battery. Ive had it for about a 1.5 years now at the time of starting this thread and Ive been thru every part of this car. Ive converted to electric fans, created a few relay circuits to eliminated the battery drain, relocated the battery and this list goes on and on. Its a fun side project so things aren't in a rush and I don't daily drive the car. It sees a few track days but I mostly run my Camaro ss for those. All work is done by me in my garage, even the ECU calibration. The over all paint job was sent to a body shop though. So current mod list is Engine-Rb25 neo stock with smoothed exhaust port humps Tomei MX8265 rebuilt, 3inch side exit, Greddy FMIC, Haltech platinum,Tomei timing belt, Denso 550cc, zerofab fuel rail, DW400 pump, unknown IM and 90mm TB, grimmspeed boost controller, Ebay radiator,hks cap, mishimoto fans, Spec stage 2+ clutch, 12lb flywheel Chassis- S15 Helical LSD, delrin subframe bushings, spherical rear tie rods and rucas, KBee coilovers altered spring rates, 300zx calipers, powerstop trackday pads, steel lines, Impul R5 wheels, 255/40r17 R888r, corner balanced, half stripped interior r32 gtr seats, personal steering wheel, gktech shifter springs and brass collar, poly steering rack bushings, spherical tension rods, s13 rear sway bar Seized and rusted ISR coilovers that came with the car had to be cut off the front stud Clutch fan failure is the reason I went electric New Shoes Then on to body work, dent repair and deleting the type M wing and making holes for the GTR wing Subframe refresh The used Kbee coilovers needed new bushings but I cant get in touch with them so I fitted some VW bus sway bar bushings into them haha nasty sound deading removal with dry ice Align and balance, thats the before weights Stock turbo dyno 248whp at 14psi
  5. So my HR32 started making some crazy noises while driving a few weeks ago. At first it sounded like I had a rod knock just at idle but when stepping on the clutch the noise would go away and while driving it would make some loud winding/grinding noises in all gears except 4th. So after a bit of research and call some transmission shops around by me, nobody wanted to touch the old transmission in fear of not finding parts so that left it up to me. I did quite a bit a research but couldn't find an exact matching bearing kit for this trans. I took a chance at comparing pictures once I had the casings off and I was able to fit a kit on fully reassemble the trans. This thread is to help anyone with a RWD R32 who needs information in attempting to repair them. I did not need syncros but I took a kit with them for the couple $ extra they charged. Now the kit I used is BK133BWS from cobra transmission. The RP71C #2 does use the 3 piece 2nd gear syncro but the 3rd and 4 do not use the smaller syncros found in the later model trans. The earlier 80s kits do have the larger 3rd and 4th syncro but all the bearings are different. Maybe there is a kit that combines it but I couldn't find it and again I didn't need the syncros. Reverse is NOT synchronized on this model. The tools I used where a table vice, bearing puller, hammer and fire. Im not going to do a step by step breakdown but be weary of many little springs and balls falling all over the place.,
  6. I got the date wrong, its OCT 4 not sept for the skyline meet. in NJ
  7. Me too. Mine has been at the paint shop for 3 weeks. They were supposed to be done in 2 weeks but havent touched it.
  8. thanks, I do but im probably going to make a build thread on it, that engine pic is after the work I did and painted the covers.
  9. The engine looks nice, are you coming to nj for the skyline meet?
  10. Maryland is fairly close to me. Im in central nj and in September there will be a 2nd annual skyline meet if your interested
  11. Hello all, finally joining sau after owning this r32 for about 1 year. Ive had a s14, fc rx7, frs turbo and a civic turbo in the past but all of those where just practice for the car i actually wanted, a rwd r32 haha. I also have a 2018 camaro ss for a reliable track toy. Ive been a mechanic for 10+ and do all my own work. I hope to be of some help to you guys.
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