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  1. Thats great would love to see it in action haha surely other people in covid have done some stuff to the kids toys whilst they have been bored
  2. Cheers man! might try and source some good second hand ones to keep cost down lol
  3. Hi Guys i made my son a “slammed” little tikes cozy coupe. Theres some pics at the bottom that show you before and after. (Hopefully they arent too jumbled up, but you get the idea) Just wondering what other parents have done to modify their kids toys? or wanted to do but haven’t done so yet?!
  4. As pictured mine have a pitted and rusted in a couple of spots They go from under intake at back of engine to front of intake near thermostat housing thanks
  5. Original oil pressure switch location on the cooler assembly In this pic you can see the adaptor on the block slightly higher and to the left of the original oil filter housing location here is a close up of the adaptor and also a pic of it with pressure sensor installed
  6. Up for sale are these series 2 coil packs i got sold them as being series 1 but got home and they are not. They are series 2 ones instead $20 ea or all for $80ono Thanks Dan
  7. These adaptors / extensions allow you to move the factory oil pressure sensor to the position used in the rb20 (slightly higher and to the left) on the rb25. this is needed when deleting the oil heater/cooler/ heat exchanger thing and using the rb20 oil filter housing on the rb25 i have 4 available $15 posted around aus! will update with photos tomorrow thanks Dan
  8. Dm on here or 0407793620 cheers Dan
  9. As above looking for new or used brake booster with master cylinder (bm44)
  10. Sounds like you might have a short circuit somewhere (short to power) i havent had a 34 before but some of my other cars mainly subaru had a seperate switch that activates the parkers (tails) when the car was off. edit: have you checked the foglight switch???
  11. Sounds like you might have a short circuit somewhere (short to power) i havent had a 34 before but some of my other cars mainly subaru had a seperate switch that activates the parkers (tails) when the car was off.
  12. Yeah new a newer version of the same thing thats all
  13. https://www.efisolutions.com.au/relay-common-green-most-nissans
  14. Ill have a look at work in a min for something i have similar hard to tell but is there a diagram on the relay anywhere?
  15. Can you post a pic of the terminals?
  16. After a gt3076 for my rb25 datsun build or something similar…. show me what you have! if you have a package with manifold, braided lines etc …”bolt in” then that would be swell 😎 cheers Dan
  17. Wont find that at normal parts store. Its a special plastic that wont break down in fuel. Best bet it to try and efi specialist or get another secondhand
  18. Yeah mate happy to post but cant imagine it would be cheap
  19. Selling my old forward facing freddy intake due to upgrade overall in good condition happy to take any pictures anyone needs 0407793620 $350 located adelaide (sorry for multiple ads, im listing from my phone and cant find an edit or delete button
  20. Hey guys im converting to forward facing manifold so have a lot of pipes etc that i wont be needing if anyone needs anything specific? Send me a pic and ill see if i have it. so far the blow off valve and the pipe it attaches too are sold pending payment 0407793620 Dan
  21. Not sure if you still need this info but just incase others read this later and want to find out. The starter motor draws close to 100% of CCA rating that battery has at initial first turn of the starter motor and then sudden drop to between 200-400 amps usually depending a few things like starter condition, battery condition, temperature, voltage drop and if the engine has been started already. just my 2c but hopefully it helps at least one person out haha Dan
  22. I have done a triton for a job at work once. try swapping the rear speaker to the front and see if it that speaker acts differently and vice versa (swap front to rear). From memory the factory headunit on these things dont give out an equal amount of power to front and rear. With an aftermarket deck it gives out 4x 50w (usually)...meaning each speaker receives the same. The factory headunit i dont believe had this same setup and thats why they do what your explaining. you could try moving the bias to the rear perhaps but from memory it does bugger all. Ideally need an aftermarket headunit! Dan
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