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  1. Hahaha not sure yet. we get the envelope From the test this weekend to give to the tyre place and sort it out
  2. Hey guys has anyone got a shed down south that they would be keen to let us do a gender reveal burnout?
  3. Ah sorry i forgot to put it in! $1500 will edit now and ill take down phone number 🙃
  4. Hi guys Selling my 4x114.3 rota rbr They are 16x8. I tried measuring the offset and i think it -10? Tyres are new Bridgestone potenza re003 tyres The whole lot has only been driven on for approx 200kms if that but the person i bought them off of managed to get some light rash on one as pictured. Very hard to see as youll find out Only selling due to putting flares on my datsun and need a bigger wheel to fill the gap Will suit r30, r31 and maybe r32? Skylines. Will suit 180sx s13 and many other jdm classics Fit flush on a datsun 260z meaning will also suit 240z! Might fit datsun 1200, 1600, stanza and bluebird 510 if also running the 4x114.3 stud patternIf you require anymore information or pictures please dont hesitate to ask! Contact me through SAU or on the phone. My number is 0407793620 Thanks Dan
  5. Contact me through here or 0407793620 If you can help thanks Dan
  6. Someones probably wired headunit wrong make sure black wire (earth) is going to metal instead of going to another wire
  7. This is great! Im doing the conversion to my 260z as we speak one thing that would be fairly cheap and change the look of the engine bay would be a forward facing manifold
  8. Looking for wheels in 4x114.3 stud pattern no smaller than 15” and no bigger then 16” ideally 9” wide with aggresive offset or wider going on my 260z datsun project thanks
  9. Yep some crazy prices for random things people think are worthless!
  10. japanese ETC (electronic toll card) reader Something i impulse bought back in the day. Its in really good condition and works great The buttons are in japanese so i dont know what they mean but it speaks to you in japanese which is cool simple to wire in (12v+, ign and earth) didnt really know what it was worth but saw others online for $250 upwards $200 shipped anywhere in aus
  11. After an nistune ecu setup too suit rb25det (non neo) will also settle for an unopened rb20det ecu too. thanks Dan 0407793620 or this site!
  12. Might be the same as some nissan crank or cam angle sensors perhaps? best bet would be to either buy a new one online or from nissan with new terminals or if you need quicker maybe try upullit or pick a part or something like that and rummage through the nissan looms until you find something that might work. failing all of the above you could just buy the terminals and reuse the plastic casing if its not too bad
  13. Most workshops that have a snap on scantool should be able to do a “handshake” between bcm and other modules i think other thing would be to ring around some of the places that sell these modules and see who they can recommend to do it. Might be a mobile guy that lives around the corner from you, you never know!
  14. Just go to repco and get rtv or gasket goo looks like tomeis stuff is a lubricate for the throttle rather than a sealant
  15. Yeah the iacv sounds like the culprit. Similar thing happened on my 180! Took it out cleaned it up and problem solved
  16. Hey guys i recently purchased this as a bit of an impulse buy. I have an rb25 that im putting into my datsun and i thought this would be a cool addition. I didnt however realise that this is suited for an rb26...idiot! i know i can modify the engine and or the cover to make it work but id rather pass it on to the next person. the build quality is great! It does have a small defect on one mounting point but doesnt effect mounting! asking $50 located Adelaide but happy to post 0407793620 thanks Dan might swap for other rb25 things? Lemme know what you have!
  17. If people can keep a look out for an s15 stolen from my street last night that would be great! here is a screenshot of the car. It was stolen between 1am and 5am and was heard heading through the hills last night apparently
  18. Hi guys after A starter motor too suit r33 skyline rwd 0407793620 or contact through here thanks Dan
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