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  1. So ! As the titles says ! yes I can do more research. But why when there is great people that are willing to come to you and actually explain? I have recently purchased R35 coils for my RB25 in my R33. 2 months and 1 week exact they bo longer want to work. Not sure if it’s an individual one or all of them. But I’ve contacted Golebys Parts and they say that dwell timing is to high? How can it be to high when I’ve had splitfires in it and have gone back to them since these failed ? They refuse to refund me as ‘I’ve broken’ then myself somehow. just looking for people opinions on this as I don’t really want to waste $700+ on this again
  2. Would there be anyway possible to dig up the ADR certificate/email? Or anything ? Haha
  3. I appreciate your input GTSboy. But I’m well aware another company (blits body kits) make an ADR approved bonnet. pretty much looking for someone that’s had one and the paper work to prove it. mlr what did you do and how did you go about certification? Also what paperwork did you get? If there was any paperwork to prove it’s been signed off
  4. Hi newbie here. just wondering if ABYONE has an ADR approved hood/bonnet and the paper work to prove its adr approved. if anyone can help please ! For a R33 would be a bonus. But not to fussed
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