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  1. Alright guys, i really appreciate the response from all of you. Thanks again
  2. Alright, thanks. Is it necessary to do a leakdown test as well?
  3. Hello again, Sorry about the late update, i’ve been busy due to work. I did another compression test today with the engine warmed up, and i got these results: Cylinder 1: 168psi Cylinder 2: 171 psi Cylinder 3: 170psi Cylinder 4: 165psi Cylinder 5: 155psi Cylinder 6: 158psi What are your thoughts?
  4. Alright, thanks. What happened is i did a small pull, probably overboosted and the rear (i assume) turbo said farewell. It cut boost during the pull, and it started coming blue smoke from the exhaust. Seeing as i intend on keeping her for a while, an engine rebuild wouldn’t be so bad i guess
  5. Guys, As i’m quite new to this, please excuse me if my questions are «stupid». I thought about doing a compression test with a warm motor. But seeing as there might be a chance i have ceramic dust in my engine, wouldn’t it be damaging (or cause more damage) running the engine till it’s warm?
  6. Alright guys, thanks for the quick reply! I’ll give you an update within a day or two on a warm engine. I appreciate it!
  7. Hey guys, My precious rb26 blew its stock turbos on my way home earlier this summer. R33 gt-r 95mod. I just did a compression test now (cold engine), and got these readings: Cylinder 1: 155 psi Cylinder 2: 155 psi Cylinder 3: 160 psi Cylinder 4: 145 psi Cylinder 5: 140 psi Cylinder 6: 135 psi Now keep in mind the engine is cold. I’d like to hear your opinion on these readings?
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