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  1. where should the AFM go on rb25DET ? i`ve seen pics of it next to the throttle body , and other pics of it placed on intake of turbo..
  2. i`m slightly confused with the wiring loom on the rb25. ( into R31) i have the attached colors for wires on the ecu pinout , but not ALL the wires match with the diagram. for instance : diagram says : pin 101 -white with blue stripe , my loom shows white with silver bands. pin 104 - light green, mine shows orange with silver bands pin 105 - yellow , mine shows white with green. ETC..... any idea whats goin on ?
  3. its not to do with the length , its to do with the fitting of the yoke,.. this has been soreted as i was supplied incorrect yoke.
  4. ok, the yoke that was supplied to me isnt a vl turbo one , the caps are nearly the same , and also just noticed the measurement inside the " U " u part on back of the slip yoke is about 2 cm too narrow. it slides in back of gearbox but it wont hold a ruj2030 universal joint.
  5. i have a rb25 turbo eng and turbo gearbox already sitting in a R31. got a manual r31 tailshaft and a commodore vl turbo front yoke. after what everyone says , it looks like the commodore vl turbo front yoke WILL NOT go onto a R31 manual tailshaft. the vl turbo uni cap is just over 25mm and the r31 uni cap is just under 25mm, theres a differance of nearly 1mm... any way i can fix this ? to get vl yoke on r31 manual tailshaft ?
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