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  1. Thank you all for the warm welcome!🍻 Yes the Audi is also mine. Took about 5 years to get her to where she's currently at. Keep telling myself I'm done modding her, but you all know how that goes 😂 Lately been focusing heavily on my other 2 project cars at the moment, the R32 GTR and the 94 Supra. The Supra is going to take some time to get back on the road as she's simply a bare bones shell/rolling chassis. Finding a competent body shop has been quite the process. Still searching for the right place to get the body work & paint done..
  2. Awesome build! #KH2gang
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Duke. I've been a lurker here for quite some time. SAU has been a very good source of information to assist me in all things Skyline related. I bought a non-running, R32 GTR (KH2) in November 2019 that had a lot of parts removed from it. Came with Nissan Maxima wheels and front seats 😂 And since then I've been trying to purchase all the missing parts, whether that be OEM replacements or aftermarket. I have purchased a majority of the parts needed. And am hoping to get her back on the road soon🤞 I look forward to meeting other Skyline enthusiasts around the NY Tri-state area. Would be great to go cruise and check out some meets with other Skyline owners🙏 Here's some pictures of her:
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