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  1. Thanks, @PranK ! Yep, ideally, the camera is operated via a wired remote control, as you're looking at a monitor, sitting comfortably inside. The camera would be mounted on a gimbal, which is attached to a frame that's attached to the car. The person in the boot, while hanging the camera outside, is the current temporary solution 😁
  2. Hey everyone! My name is Dimitri and I'm in Toyohashi, (Aichi pref.) Japan, but originally form Adelaide. I've been ducked in time to time to lurk around SAU, but hopefully will have a few projects of my own kicking off soon. A few months ago, I picked up an M35 Stagea VQ25DET, as a stock daily, with the aim of gradually building it up as a camera rig car. I shoot cars for a living, so I've always been keen on rigging up a decent tracking car that'll keep up with whatever I'm shooting on the occasional circuit day. If anyone has done a camera-car project, any advice/ideas would be awesome to hear. I'm also now on the hunt for an R34 GTt, which is proving interesting over here with the cheaper specimens getting snapped up quickly and prices are inching up. Anyway, if you want to talk photography, video or Japan in general, hit me up. Cheers!
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