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  1. Already looked everywhere. Most are from USA and takes a while to ship also bloody expensive..
  2. Looking for one GT side fender badge for R32 .. Anyone got one? Thanks
  3. Ha ha ha.. That I could give a try.. So the spring is the culprit? U got a sample pic of the light u used.. I could try it out.. Thanks
  4. You Sir are a legend.. ? No it didn't have a harness for H3C. This is exactly what I need... Thanks mate.. The high beam hasn't work since I got the car. My e this will fix it... Please do. ?
  5. Thank you for help Mate...mine is a series 1. managed to get around it. Cut off the HID Connection and I will manually wire the H3C. Put it to test, works fine.. And the H3C sits perfectly in the projector. Just need to do the proper wiring. Now I am working on the speedometer.. It doesnt work.. The dash seems fine.. However the below plastic piece doesn't have a spring at the end to connect to the speedo cable.. The last image with the spring is from Google search. Any Idea where I can find one?
  6. Oh okie. Ya that's the bit I need. Know where I can find them?
  7. I removed the HID connector in my R32 & the oen connector is an H4 connector but the projector cover only fits Hc3 or an H1. where can I get one of these harness/ adapter as in the picture to convert H1 to H4 (got this pic from one of my mate's car)
  8. Hi Mate, I send you a message. Could you please send me your contact number. Thanks
  9. Howdy, Anyone got a R32 GTR stock suspension? I got coilovers. Need it removed. I am happy to buy it off you or use it and give it back. Location Adelaide SA. Thank you!
  10. Ya, they were friendly. If I have coilovers I have to get an engineer certificate and get vehicle modification inspection done. I might as well put a stock suspension and get ID Check done. Don't mind leaving the stock in. Any idea where I can get one? As the vehicle has been previously registered I may have to get an exemption of compliance or check with the previous state where it was registered and get that info. Not bad
  11. Engine & most stuffs are stock & matches the PPSR .. only the Coilover is aftermarket..
  12. Yaaa.. thats what I have gathers so far... this is a 1989 car & compliance in PPSR shows 1989 was the year of compliance.
  13. U reckon ? I will get it close to stock as much as possible. don't want to get defected later on for something minor, being these cars are cop magnets..lol
  14. Will give them a call. Thanks Mate!.. The mechanic said Its cheaper for me to get the coilovers adjusted to legal limit and get an engineer certified. Rather than changing it to stock. I don't mind both.
  15. Okie. it got coilovers, turbo gauge & got few chassis rail bend due to forklift..exhaust it not loud, apart from that its all good. I was told it was on storage for few years here in aus. probably grey import 30 years back, maybe has taken part in 1990 bathurst lol.. ring who ? it was previously registered in NSW though.
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