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  1. Already looked everywhere. Most are from USA and takes a while to ship also bloody expensive..
  2. Looking for one GT side fender badge for R32 .. Anyone got one? Thanks
  3. Ha ha ha.. That I could give a try.. So the spring is the culprit? U got a sample pic of the light u used.. I could try it out.. Thanks
  4. You Sir are a legend.. ? No it didn't have a harness for H3C. This is exactly what I need... Thanks mate.. The high beam hasn't work since I got the car. My e this will fix it... Please do. ?
  5. Thank you for help Mate...mine is a series 1. managed to get around it. Cut off the HID Connection and I will manually wire the H3C. Put it to test, works fine.. And the H3C sits perfectly in the projector. Just need to do the proper wiring. Now I am working on the speedometer.. It doesnt work.. The dash seems fine.. However the below plastic piece doesn't have a spring at the end to connect to the speedo cable.. The last image with the spring is from Google search. Any Idea where I can find one?
  6. Oh okie. Ya that's the bit I need. Know where I can find them?
  7. I removed the HID connector in my R32 & the oen connector is an H4 connector but the projector cover only fits Hc3 or an H1. where can I get one of these harness/ adapter as in the picture to convert H1 to H4 (got this pic from one of my mate's car)
  8. Hi Mate, I send you a message. Could you please send me your contact number. Thanks
  9. Howdy, Anyone got a R32 GTR stock suspension? I got coilovers. Need it removed. I am happy to buy it off you or use it and give it back. Location Adelaide SA. Thank you!
  10. Ya, they were friendly. If I have coilovers I have to get an engineer certificate and get vehicle modification inspection done. I might as well put a stock suspension and get ID Check done. Don't mind leaving the stock in. Any idea where I can get one? As the vehicle has been previously registered I may have to get an exemption of compliance or check with the previous state where it was registered and get that info. Not bad
  11. Engine & most stuffs are stock & matches the PPSR .. only the Coilover is aftermarket..
  12. Yaaa.. thats what I have gathers so far... this is a 1989 car & compliance in PPSR shows 1989 was the year of compliance.
  13. U reckon ? I will get it close to stock as much as possible. don't want to get defected later on for something minor, being these cars are cop magnets..lol
  14. Will give them a call. Thanks Mate!.. The mechanic said Its cheaper for me to get the coilovers adjusted to legal limit and get an engineer certified. Rather than changing it to stock. I don't mind both.
  15. Okie. it got coilovers, turbo gauge & got few chassis rail bend due to forklift..exhaust it not loud, apart from that its all good. I was told it was on storage for few years here in aus. probably grey import 30 years back, maybe has taken part in 1990 bathurst lol.. ring who ? it was previously registered in NSW though.
  16. Hi everyone, I have purchased a R32 GTR that was unregistered. the previous owner said it was registered in NSW 6-7 years ago. Did a PPSR check and it came clean, the date of compliance was more than 30 years ago, last registered state was NSW & currently unregistered.. I could only find the VIN number inside the bonnet, which match the chassis & engine number, couldn't find the Compliance plate anywhere but the PPSR check says its compliant. I was told by my mates that I need to get an ID check done to get it registered in SA. any help is highly appreciated. Thanks!
  17. true... looking at the current ausi market, people are quite desperate to get their hands on an GTR. as R34 has gone above 100k easy. & R33 does not have any significant history & looks wise not the best. people are opting for R32. I had a seller advertised one for 57K in VIC & we agreed for 55K, he came back next day saying his partner doesnt agree on the price and increased it to 67K. I see cars close to 100K on carsales.
  18. It seems quite bend and pushed inside all though the rail. not broken. someone quoted me 1K for it. how-much should it cost worse case scenario ?
  19. u reckon. I am just getting started.. just finished rebuilding the engine, new racing clutch, new hoses & turbo pipes redone.. engine side all done.. next have to fix the freaking chassis rail damages done due to forklifts... by the time I am done.. gonna be expensive..
  20. Any R32 GTR Chassis rail repairers in Adelaide ? need it fixed for regency
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