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  1. hi all i am currently doing a front end repair on my mates nm35 stagea have completed most of the bushings and i am and having a hard time finding the correct ball joints to fit, can anyone please confirm if the RWD ball joints are the same as the 4wd model with hicas, i am looking for the lower outer ball joints and the sway bar ball joints as shown in the pics the full model spec can also be found bellow, any links to were i could purchase these in Australia would be greatly appreciated Frame / Series NM35 / M35 body W (wagon ) engine VQ25DET (VQ25DET gasoline ) size WB (wide body ) Production month 10.2001 drive 4WD suspension HICAS (with HICAS ) grade ARXF (AR-X FOUR) Interior color E transmission AT.F5 Body color EY0
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