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  1. In 2016, the US Market got the longer version of the Crossover, here it is Malbec Black in it's transported habitat, Northwest Indiana's Beer Can Beach, Home of Fresh Water Wind Induced Waves that on occasion are Surf worthy, but typically only when frigidly cold. . . Fair Weather Zed ( we call 'em ZEEs ) also featured in Brickyard in the 1 year only color in 2003 G'day Mates ! ?‍♂️
  2. G'day Mates ! Northwest Indiana ~ South Side Chicago ~ Lake Michigan Duneland Dude checking in ? Here's some stuff I think makes me applicable to being here . . . AWD Infiniti Branded 370GT Crossover called a QX50 in model year 2016, Malbec Black & the 'Ol Zed as you mates call 'em, 2003 Touring in 1 year only color Brickyard. Alright ~ Gonna check what this forum is all about ~ pArTy ~ oN
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