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  1. Few picture of my car over here in UK. Shows all of the parts on the car ( some with before and after pics after wiping years of road grime off to reveal the badges), the resin injected sills, and all the parts the last owner removed from the car when he gave it a mild tune ( very glad he elected to keep these!) Forgive the horrendous blue hoses he had fitted, almost seem to be the law in the UK that when you imported a skyline , you had to fit blue hoses the second it landed!! Engine wise, I will in the future, remove the cam cover and look at the valve spring caps to conform these are the titanium items fitted in build. Any one in aware of any of these residing in Australia?
  2. Yes mega piece of info, thank you. I have built a file of information as I find it, have seen this on here before I think. Taken some detailed pics and video of the car showing all the parts added by S&S , which all still bare the S&S badge. Engine is an R33 unit, have check the engine number out also. Have you got any more info, or seen anything else on here? I have done a search and come up with a few bits. Agree that in Australia, the few cars imported to you guys originally will have bigger values over there when compared to later imports!
  3. I’ll post some pics of my car up later this evening. Had some time with it in the workshop this weekend, taking video and pictures of it as I have brought it. The biggest thing with these cars, is it was done with support from Nissan. As an FYI, the president of S&S Engineering was the designer of the GTR’s that we all know and love, right up to the 34 if I’m correct. This isn’t just a run of the mill tuning firm bolting bits on! They brought and refurnished 32 cars in 2000. With a raft of bespoke parts. They were sold online on the 5th October I think. Sold out in minutes with 600 people on the waiting list for anyone to pull out. I have a customer in Japan ( I’m hugely in the classic car game, rebuilding three cars for him). He owns a 32 that we have here in the UK. He refused to believe we had found one. He is a car but in Japan and these cars never come up for sale. I have spent hours and hours searching for these cars, and only found 2/3 sold that can be traced, since they were built. It is super hard to find info on these. I had to search in Japanese to find most of the info I now have. A very interesting piece of R32 heritage. As for rarity, who knows. V-spec cars? N1? We all know the amount built. These cars were the last built and sold, and only 32 cars to celebrate the R32, in conjunction with Nissan, and headed by the designer of the GTR’s? Is there a rare GTR? I’m not sure.
  4. I have brought one of these recently, and would love to pool any info I can find on these. What knowledge can anyone share with me? As I understand they built 10 white, 10 silver and 12 grey. I have found and brought a grey one. All the original parts are there, dampers, arms, exhaust, air box, ecu, the works. Sills also have the special foam injected into them by S&S to stiffen the chassis. Bit of a unicorn find!
  5. Does anyone know if there was a log of chassis numbers for the limited run of 32 cars that S&S engineering built and sold in 2000? Such a rare car, with so little information it’s crazy. Any help would be good !
  6. Crazy old thread.... funky, where did you get the info from?? Would like to see the original source
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