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  1. Hello friends from the other side of the world! I recently tracked down a 1995 GT-R available from an importer that specializes in classic cars. They're nice enough to answer all my questions. Already conducted a 3rd party inspection. However, none of the people I'm communicating with are experts. Trying to be an educated buyer, I'm concerned about the vehicle's options. Vehicle has a V-Spec decal in the rear. I'll be happy with either a standard GT-R or a V-Spec. Would prefer a standard one over a V-Spec a bit more as I don't want to deal with issues from a vehicle with slightly superior tech. Using http://gtr-registry.com/en-bcnr33-vin-table.php , I kind of learned how to read VIN's. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the 6th digit is a W, it indicates it's a V-spec model. I attached a few photos for reference. Also, last digit on this vehicle is a J(indicating it has a rear-wiper). I do not see fins on the rear diff and absence of a rear-wiper, which is quite concerning to me. This vehicle hails from AUS according to the importer. Again, not a huge deal if it isn't a V-spec model, but it's not matching what the VIN indicates. Any tips helps!
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