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  1. ah if only you came in a month ago... ive already got this fixed with spacers too HAHAHA all good thanks tho
  2. https://au.gktech.com/370z-v36-suspension-arm-package-10-combo-discount hardly any just for our cars, wondering if anyone knows anything about these?
  3. anyone know any reputable fiberglass repair shops in sydney? decided to just keep my current one and try to get it fixed
  4. yea duck lip - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/302166802916?&ul_noapp=true&autorefresh=true took the OEM spoiler off and placed it ontop - the sides ontop doesnt fit flush so theres a gap underneath might try again and see if i can kinda bend it and see if the tape can actually hold it down
  5. Different versions meaning IPL, SP, P, S etc. Bought a CF spoiler off ebay and thought every version for coupes would be the same... but mines a sport version and its not on the list Probably why it doesnt fit properly?
  6. diverse garage can install/paint exterior mods for you
  7. so im missing these brackets on both of my sides - where the fender meets the front bumper above the headlight. Wondering if this could be an issue if i replace my bumper with OEM?
  8. LOL we're probably in the same page then VQ Australia, yea was speaking to him before and he helped me out 🤣
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