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  1. https://au.gktech.com/370z-v36-suspension-arm-package-10-combo-discount hardly any just for our cars, wondering if anyone knows anything about these?
  2. anyone know any reputable fiberglass repair shops in sydney? decided to just keep my current one and try to get it fixed
  3. yea duck lip - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/302166802916?&ul_noapp=true&autorefresh=true took the OEM spoiler off and placed it ontop - the sides ontop doesnt fit flush so theres a gap underneath might try again and see if i can kinda bend it and see if the tape can actually hold it down
  4. Different versions meaning IPL, SP, P, S etc. Bought a CF spoiler off ebay and thought every version for coupes would be the same... but mines a sport version and its not on the list Probably why it doesnt fit properly?
  5. diverse garage can install/paint exterior mods for you
  6. so im missing these brackets on both of my sides - where the fender meets the front bumper above the headlight. Wondering if this could be an issue if i replace my bumper with OEM?
  7. Anyone in Australia selling any? 🤑
  8. LOL we're probably in the same page then VQ Australia, yea was speaking to him before and he helped me out 🤣
  9. im already buying heaps of mods from the same store im buying from overseas so might as well chuck it in all in one order but yea understandable when i put the IPL bumper in the order before the shipping was 30-40% of the price but now im going stock which is x4 less than the IPL bumper i would check out the wrecking yards but i doubt theres any front bumpers intact 😐
  10. i would but im dreading the fact that it will be annoying to take it off and on - and the chances of losing the fitment (like what happened when i took it off the first time) also dont know how well the flush would be since it feels like the measurements of it is shorter - since theres gaps between the fender and the bumpers itself which was filled with silicone to cover it (shown in the pics above) i like the look of this better tho its not as eye soring as my current one and looks more clean 🤣
  11. yea true... just looking for options asked EZ Splitters for a quote on shipping so hopefully they come through this time (they ignored my dm last month 😭)
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