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  1. Sorry about that, I was definitely nervous and anxious; I tend to get that way when something could be horrible. I figured it wasn't a bearing either because it doesn't get louder or worse the more I rev it. On cold start it doesn't happen (from what I can hear), i'm going to have a deep dive next weekend and see if I can find the issue. Thanks for the reply Duncan!! I really appreciate it.
  2. Hey guys, My 33 GTR is making a weird rattling noise after driving it for a while. It tends to go away after you shut the car off and start it back up again, it sounds like something is loose and rattling around somewhere on the passenger side under the intake piping for the turbos. It doesn't get louder the more you rev the car, if anything it goes away. I'm going to drain the oil here shortly and have a look for any metal shavings. Turbos are stock to my knowledge, they were going to get changed out this winter as well as the basic oil restrictor mods, etc..I just got the car with intention of doing a restoration over the next few years. What are your thoughts? Is this going to need a rebuild right away?
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