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  1. I'm not at the car atm I'll try get there an do some more tests today
  2. Has new plugs 1 an 3 when pulled out were a little white an the rest verry fuely not dripping wet but smelly of fuel an I did put them back in same cylinders
  3. Have swapped position of coils an injectors problem stays were it is
  4. Any help would be good.. first time using forum so apologies.. 1st off my car starts..., idles ok but it's definitely not on all cylinders how many I don't no.. like I said engine doesn't change idle speed when I pull the power supply plug on injector 6,5,4,2 or coil 6,5,4,2
  5. It's a s1 body with s1 loom but s2 coils so I deleted the ignitor box wired in the s2 coil harness to the s1 loom earthed it got 12 volts across all coils. No fault codes showing up
  6. It seems to idle not bad has few backfires hear an there.. checked compression its a little low tho its135 to 140 across all cylinders
  7. Well when I pull off either of the injector plug or coil plug something only happens on 1 an 3 all others on both injector and coil has no change in idle
  8. So I have a s1 r33 . I have only spark and pulse on cylinders1 and 3 while the car is running I pull the plug on each cylinder and injector while running only 1 and 3 do anything.. tho I have pulled the coils out tested it seams to have spark on all coils also pulled the rail off an all six pulse fuel out. bench tested the injectors for pulse an resistance all seem fine the numbers were all the same 11 or 12 ohms i believe.. what could this be ecu?
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