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  1. Update, ended up being bad turn signal stock. Turn signals worked but loss function to turn on/off brights. Caused brights to be on and passenger side headlight. Bought stock brand new oem for 75 dollars. Problem solved thanks for the responses and hope this thread helps some one in future.
  2. @GTSBoy I started chasing wires back, could never find any power that was leading into passenger side. @BK I was just going based of pictures and past posts from other people on what to watch out for. The switch internals on the headlight rotary switch looked new and the wiring harness that plugged into it was not burnt like what commonly happens. I have a multimeter but had a hard time figuring out how the switches functioned. @niZmO_Man Im not sure what you mean by this. What switch headlight rotary switch or the bright switch.
  3. Currently my 1990 r32 headlights are acting up. Driver side low beam and both highbeams are on. Not getting any power to passenger side low beam. I also get no reaction from high beam switch to turn them off but both turn signals work. normally when the switches go bad you only high beams correct? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. **** What I have checked so far. Bulb, headlight fuses, wiring, rotary headlight switch plug(not burnt) the internals of the switch seemed ok. could it be bright switch? would that leave one headlight on?
  4. Hey guys here is my intro post, I recently bought a 1990 Gtst located in florida. Instagram @skyline_ron and youtube at randomfootagefromron .
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