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  1. The wiring change sort of worked the cable powers up, but I'm thinking I have a cheap counterfeit cable. Ive ordered another one from the list of cables that are known to work on the nissan datascan page so I'm waiting on that.
  2. For anyone following this a shop with experience on v35's has told me to move my red wire to the location of the pink wire in the second photo; move pin 3 to pin 14 - the exact difference in wiring between the 03 and 05. I'll update this thread when I get to test this out (going to be a while, but I can't wait to see if it works!)
  3. interesting, thanks sonicii. Have you used OBD2 software to talk to your car's ecu? your peach coloured pin 14 (CAN-L) and my red coloured pin 3 (vendor assigned) are the only differences. Probably stretching it but if you have a volt meter can you see what you get out of ping 16? (the red/white wire, I only get about 3v out of it which doesn't sound like enough) I can't get into the car to check again (healing from surgery) but its killing me to find out what is going on here.
  4. Thanks Max, but have you got a V35 your profile says V36?
  5. I did power up the car to check that, no dice. I am planning to put power back on 16 but I'd like to see what everyone has first... however I believe the dongles I've used are looking for power only on 16.
  6. Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster. I've used this forum many times for information and its been a godsend, thank you to all the contributors I've relied on over the years. Now its my time to ask for some help directly. In short if you have a V35 couple from 03 or thereabouts, can you please take a look at the back of your OBD port and tell/show me the pin/wiring assignment? Background: I'm trying to read the ECU to confirm mine is compatabile with uprev, however no matter what I've connected to the port nothing works. My latest attempts have been trying to use Nissan Datascan II https://www.nisscan.com/NDSII/index.php with 2 different cables. The second attempt was with the bluetooth connector, however I noticed that the connector did not power up at all and I couldn't get bluetooth to even pair with my phone. I put the dongle into another car (a toyota) and while it could not read the ECU (of course) it did power up and pair to my phone. This made me wonder if the OBD port is even wired, so I took a look. It is connected, however the wiring does not follow any reasonable OBD spec according to any google search. Here is an example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On-board_diagnostics#OBD-II_diagnostic_connector My OBD connector is attached to the post. You can see for example that power is on pin 3 (and it is live I've checked). Power is normally on pin 16 at least on all the standards I've looked at. So what I'd like to find out is this normal? Hopefully its not, and I can rewire it back to normal, but to do that I'd like to see what is going on your car. If anyone out there has an 03 v35 or has seen this before and knows what is going on, please help... this is putting a terrible spanner into my project! I'd also like to suggest a sticky thread related to v35 OBD go up or maybe added to the FAQ, I've seen similar issues come up in here quite often without a clear answer as to what is going on with the v35 OBD port. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your input you'll definately be on my xmas list if this can be figured out.
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