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  1. thank you! do you mind if i message you if i have any other questions?
  2. yes the car still has the original RB20DET. so for all that parts that i would need, what site or company would be best to buy from? and should i make repairs over time or immediately after i buy it?
  3. Hello from New Jersey! I'm looking to buy a 1992 Nissan skyline GTS-T Type M, i would like to know what i should look for before buying this car. there is a personal seller who is selling this car, and I am very interested in buying but I don't know what kind of maintenance I'll have to do to the car and if the car needs any kind of maintenance (if it hasn't already been done prior to selling) after I buy it. So I'm looking for any kind of information that you guys might have. im mainly looking for a maintenance schedule info for the car, as the car already has 85K miles on it. i'd like to know what i should prepare for, for future maintenance and what i should ask regarding prior maintenance. i plan on using this car for daily driving and use.
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