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  1. Hi, Got to work on the car this weekend. Before and after. New radiator, cooling panel and painted up some bits.
  2. Hey Jake I'm sorry for your loss why black and red? how bout yellow with black accents
  3. With head studs and steel head gasket was looking to run 22-24 psi, or what ever the fuel system lets me run.
  4. Thanks, I have been looking at that thread. Its unopened so I was thinking head studs, head gasket and more boost. I have BC coilovers, slotted rotors and stainless braded brake lines.
  5. Hi, I have been looking at threads on this site for years. I have a black 1999 R34 GTT. Current mods are, Mamda GTX3071r, R35 gtr 560 Denso injectors, R35 card type AMF, walbro 255 fuel pump & direct feed, Nistune daughter board, Blitz intercooler and boost controller. Had it tuned on 100 octane 367 rwhp on 15.5 psi. Look to get upgrade ideas Here is a pic.
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