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  1. Hello, had my car tuned on 98 and E85 (470hp 19psi) and want some advise on spark plugs. I currently have BCPR6ES gapped down to 0.6mm using splitfire coils. This setup has no issue with missfire at full throttle on both fuels. But low load has abit of missfire on E85 and even more on 98 which I believe is due to the gap size. Can anyone confirm and advise on a better spark plug combination of any? Cheers
  2. I have already done that mate, same side is lower
  3. Thanks for your reply, I understand the extra weight of the driver, but the skyline should be well balanced without the driver with even coilovers. But the drive side is 20mm lower regardless of which coil over I out in. This should be higher to account for the extra driver not lower.
  4. Hello, hope you can help, I have R33 GTST with HKS coilovers. The driver side sits about 20mm lower than the passenger side. I have removed the coilovers to check they are the same height sides, also swapped the coilovers left to right and the same side is lower. So I assume my coilovers are fine. What could be causing this issue? Car alignment was done a while ago. Thanks
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