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  1. sorry to waste your time man..... i just forgot the 3 earths at the back
  2. ight so my cars been f**kin me around bad lately, like it starts misfiring once its warm and even more so on low revs, however its way better on high revs (if i drive like an arse hole) Anyhow in an attempt to fix this shit ive cleaned up my injectors and fuel rail (so theres 0 fuel in the pipes past the filter), so I plugged everything up and when i turn the key i dont hear the fuel pump prime, i crank it a fair few times pumping the pedal and I get nothing. im thinking about unplugging the return fuel line from the fuel rail to kinda bleed the the system of air, would that work??? .....or does this sound like a fuel pump issue as its not even priming PS ive already changed dizzy, AFM, ecu, checked TPS, new sparks, 95% sure the last owner changed leads, just in case your wondering if its that. also sorry for my poor English
  3. Oh I knowwww feeling very blessed, it had enough force to knock off the review mirror off some how tho.
  4. I was gonna go with a zip tie approach (instead of a the bolt) but you can't be too safe can you.
  5. Yeah shit this does kinda help to see that cheers for that, yeeeee I see what your talking about not having clearance with a bolt, but I do not have a clue how I would install a 12mm rivet hmmm, starting to sound like a might need a shit tone of zip ties to get it home
  6. Yea sure did, 500m from the mechanic as well 😑😑. Is their a reason you believe 12mm is the one or just instinct.
  7. Yeah it's part of it (the part attached to the bonnet not the car).. wish I was more familiar with the hinge and surrounding but it's been in the mechanic for a month. The hole (which is oval) is ruffly 12mm X 16mm. But I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like that, or if it's supposed to be circle
  8. Yeah ight sorry for the horribly described title but I'm looking for the actual size of this hole (mainly the bolt that goes threw it) on one of the braces on the bonnet, cas once i weld it, itll be a bitch to fix it. Would HELLA appreciate it if someone could gemmi a hand as I'm pricking up the car Tomo, and need the new brace to fit on it so I can drive it home
  9. only need the tail light middle trim at the moment, do you have a number or messenger at all
  10. pre delicious, what's that even called i couldn't on their site
  11. yeah i think the water pump has been renewed when the last owner had it, but the other two could prolly do, ill google to see how much works involved and what not cas im kinda leaving in less than 2 weeks. you know of any good after market fuel pumps? or should i stick to oem
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