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  1. yeah cheers guys I think I got a good idea how imma tackel it, but should i do the whole panel (when dealing with the rust spots) or just rattle can the parts that need it and hope it blends nicely. yeah na was thinking about chasing down some rims with decent offset (still decided about colour), but for now i figure its cheaper to hunt down some ti hubcaps and roll with those for now
  2. Hahaha yeah man lean indeed, just gotta ignore the roof and rust spots in the body and boot, all that stuff is bound to empty my wallet sooner or later. PS. (Don't have to answer this) but has anyone gotta trick to dealing with rust bubbles/rust in general, or are we all paying the cars weight in gold to get it fixed at the body shop
  3. yeah na like apprently the 1st owner was a complete junga, like theirs so many random things the car came with (no crack pipes 😢) such as silhouette tail light garnishes and a f**king street poll for an exhaust tip, but the junkie kept a really nice interior which is wot kinda sold me
  4. Ye na tryinga to say I didn't mean to buy a car with a shit tone of problems. Still luv it, but Im not gonna be rushing into buying a car again anytime soon.
  5. couldn't manage to register [ it says registrations disabled :( ] but i still found what i was looking for, cheer man
  6. Ight so I'm on the verge of buyiny and installing a turbo MX7 gearbox (conversion kit) into my skyline Ti, and im just wounding if any of yous have done it, or could answer a couple questions like; 1. does the fact its a turbo box (on a N/A car) mean its gonna be more reliable, or a like have slower gears cause its suited to a car with more power ?? 2. what kind of ECU should i be using? ive herd ive got a few options a) run a vlt computer on it b) get someone to tune a N/A vl computer to run with my car c) also herd running a skyline non turbo manual will do the same as above 3. and will i have trouble connecting the the vlt tail shaft with the r31 drivetrain ? answering or commenting on any of those Qs would be crazy
  7. Yeah so I gotta Ti series 2 on my Ls, sexy Thang even tho it's a lowkey shitbox at the moment, it'll come together in due time don't U worry. plan on making it look all pretty and dropping in a manual box in it, but we'll see how we go with pourinig money down a bottomless pit.
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