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  1. I have an odb scanner but it won’t read it. Apparently it’s an early odb system which doesn’t give much information. 2003/4 model Edit: The check engine light hasn’t come on but sometime the traction control light won’t go off if I take off to quick.
  2. Hi, i have a 350gt and I can drive for 30-40 minutes without a problem. After some time off I try to accelerate too fast the drive by wire dies, all the speedo drops to 0, the accelerator does nothing but the car idles. If I put my foot on the clutch and just roll, it come back to life, but I can’t accelerate past 3k rpm or it does it again. i bought the car after it has been sitting Undriven for 2 years. I’ve replaced the fuel pump. Any ideas what could cause this?
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