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  1. It does sound awful, i am thinking timing or cam chain as you said. Ive tried to get it looked at a few times though no ones wants to touch a jap import. Anyway, i'll see how i go on some others and hope it's not too bad in the engine.
  2. Anyone have a clue on what it could be? Just bought the car, didnt tick when i inspected it, started after i got home... Car has an idle issue, ive changed the spark plugs and rocker cover gaskets so far, soon i'll be changing the two coil packs i tested with the multi that were out of ohm range. Only thing im thinking is sticky valves/lifters/rockers as the car runs fine regardless of the noise and only ticks at idle or low rpm. Sounds really bad though, especially when you turn it off, makes a bad clacking sound. Any help or advice will be much appreciated, thanks. 20201115_174907.mp4
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