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  1. Guys Im worried about the auto to manual conversion mainly. will this conversion cause problems in the long run or will it be fine? Thats the main worry i have with the car right now.
  2. R33s are nice but as you pointed out it's an auto. But I also think they aren't gonna have as great climb in price as r34s
  3. Thanks Guys for your opinions, I'll check out the bonnet and such if it's legal, as I'm going to be on my P's I won't be able to drive a gtt hence why I'm looking at an N/A version. My thoughts are that I can either convert this car to a turbo or just sell it and buy a GTT when I'm older. Hopefully the prices will go up for N/A Skylines as by the time I sell it they'll be legal in the USA, hence I can sell it for more or around the same. I'll try offering him 17k or around that. Still interested to hear what other people have to say and what they think about my theory with selling it later on.
  4. Thanks for replying. Yet to drive it as its a little out of my way to get, going to try test drive it this weekend. I dont believe it has any of the problems youve listed but im yet to see but will definitley look out for them. I belive its the original engine (Straight NEO 6), the exhuast is a HKS cat back and king spring lowering springs If everything was fine with the car do you think 20k is reasonable or should i try get it for lower? Enjoy the Photos Cheers
  5. Hey everyone, I currently dont own a skyline but im looking to buy this r34 GTV (gtt without a turbo) and its been converted from an auto to a manual gear box. The car has 150k Kms on it rn and has had 2 owners in Australia. Its got a Z-tune body kit aswell as parts that will help convert it to a turbo. The guy is asking 20k for it, is this a reasonable price, should i buy this as my first car? Would love to hear what other people have to say about their experiences with N/A skylines! Appreciate your replies!!
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