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  1. BK, I now you mentioned NISMO previously, regardless I was still struggling to find what I need. Thank you for the break down.
  2. Pain in the ASS! Finally got the lines off. Upon inspection I was able to find a crack near one of the clamps on the hose. Over time the clamp managed rub its way thru creating a weak point. Went to the local auto store to source some hoses for replacement. No luck! Was able to find some tubing but it's obviously not formed, just straight. One of the bends on the larger lines causes a kink in the hose. No matter how I twist or bend it, No Bueno! The kink still rears its ugly head. Having a hell of a time trying to find replacement lines. Thought about going to the plumbing/hydraulic line shop and looking at brass or stainless barbed bends to remove the kinks. Really don't want to introduce any weak links or have it all micky mouse like. All I can seem to source is one line that is "U" shaped and connects directly to the reservoir going to a hard line in the boot/trunk, unfortunately not what I am needing. Does anyone know where I can get a set of new lines? I seem to be coming up short on my searches. Thanks guys, appreciate all your help with this.
  3. Thank you Duncan, I'll take a look this weekend and see what I can make of it. Thank you for your help and pointing me in the right direction. Not sure if this is a known issue or not but I'll keep the topic posted with my findings and fix incase anyone else should run into the same issue.
  4. Duncan, I think you are correct. I popped the trunk/boot and took off the lid to the reservoir. The color and consistency seems to match whats all over my garage floor. Thank you. The fluid level seems a bit high though no? Or does it change when the car is turned on or underload? I apologize for my ignorance on this issue, I've never had a good look at the reservoir for all the time I've owned the car (bout 2 years now).
  5. Thanks for the help. I don't believe it's fuel as the consistency and color dont match that characteristic. Feels like an oil type substance.
  6. What's up guys? So, I've got this leak and I can't determine what it is connected to. Have the car up on jacks to replace my clutch slave and other bits, walked out one morning to find this puddle on the floor coming from some fat rubber lines between the tank and HICAS on the driver side. Any help in determining what is going on would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure if this is a common issue or not as I can't figure exactly what's leaking to give it a proper search, thank you.
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