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  1. hi had a bit of look but couldn't seem to find anything ive got an issue with my speedo on my r32 Gtr ive replaced to speedo cable but its still reeding fast and wobbling up to about 60kph it reads 122kph at 110kph and about 90kph at 80kph checked it with two different GPS units. just wondering if there are any calibration screws or around the gauge. the car is running original wheels an tyre sizes. thanks
  2. thanks mate I managed to find a guy in Perth that can engineer sided bars for me an install for $700 an the compliance company has approved his work. thanks
  3. Thanks really appreciate the responses I’ve been in contact with a company who’s told me they have to weld them in so just waiting on a quote apparently then I can take it to another company for compliance inspections
  4. Thanks I’ll see what I can find, the company importing it for me uses a engineering company but they used to just swap the doors over to series’s 2 or 3 ones but can’t get them anymore I’m sure one of the shops can fab some up for me tho.
  5. Hey, dose anyone know any shops that can fabricate up some side intrusion bars an get them engineered for a r32 GT-R. thanks
  6. hi new here just in the process of importing an 1991 r32 Gtr an im looking to purchase a pair of series 2 or 3 doors with side intrusion bars to pass engineering colour isn't an issue if anyone can help that would be great. thanks
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