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  1. Hi all, Since seeing a few members Stagea's, I have now set myself on an M35. They have all the right features that I've always wanted. To say the least, I'm looking forward to 2021! Kind regards, FromAllAspects
  2. Hi all, New member here! I'll be looking for a Stagea within the next year. (after three years of waiting) Now, I was wondering, since a lot of you wagoneers (hahaha. I love the name!) have one (or had one at some stage), what would be the recommendation? I know only the sheer basics of these Stagea's since information tends to be scarce, so please forgive me. In the C34's, I'm looking for an RS FOUR S and in the M35's, I'm looking for an Autech Axis with the VQ35DE engine. I look forward to hearing everyone's responses! Kind regards, FromAllAspects
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