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  1. No i didnt use the pull up resistor at all. And i didnt xhange or adjust my filter level, ill be honest i didnt realise could
  2. So for my r34 sedan Full is 0.2v 3/4 0.6v 1/2 1.0v Fuel light 1.6v This is using a haltech fuel conditioner in line to my ic7 as i found it helped the gauge be less erratic
  3. the signal wire is yes (purple pin 7) but the ground wire is (black pin 55) at the tank and black white at the cluster
  4. ANOTHER UPDATE So i now have it working and reading off the haltech dash 😄😄😄😄😄 But i still have a slight problem, im actually replacing my factory dash with the haltech unit. The 2 sender wires only have voltage when the factory dash is plugged in. Both factory dash and haltech work and read correct but as soon as the factory dash is unplugged you loose the fuel level on the haltech??? Any ideas guys.
  5. Thanks for the reply mate, sorry thats a typo i am using pin 7. So last night i tinkered with it a little more, with the factory r34 dash plugged in you get a voltage value but once you unplug the dash you loose these voltage values.
  6. UPDATE So i should have mentioned im fully replacing my dash with a haltech ic7 display so my factory dash was not plugged in Once i plug the original dash in im getting voltage output there. Fuel light came on and i was getting a fluctuating voltage of 1.0v to 0.9 volts fuel light just came one. Filled up voltage now reads fluctuating 0.15 to 0.10 volt liters filled to this point was 51 liters so im lead to belive these sedans have a 60L tank so i know zero on my haltech ill have approx 10L left. My question is if i unplug the dash will i still get a reading now or am i missing a wire to join in the harness iim lead to belive no
  7. Hey guys im trying to get my fuel level to work also on my haltech ic7 dash. I have an r34 4 door and im using pin 6 as signal and pin 55 as ground but im not getting any voltage value with a multimeter. I currently have 1/4 tank and testing them two wires at the tank plug or at the dash i get the same reading (shows 0.01v this doesnt seem right). Can any one shed any light on this. Ive setup the dash on avi 1 and calibrated to 0 to 90 ohms, factory is ment to be 6 full 80 empty attached is a pinout for an r34 4 door for any one else chasing a diagram pin out. Am i missing a step or not testing the right wires??? Thanks guys
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