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  1. Hey guys first time poster, For the past few months I had picked up a 2006 350gt Type SP and i have enjoyed it so far and loving the performance. What I've done since I got the car Replaced all internal bulbs ( as when I got it all of them were missing ) Tinted the taillights ( Image attached before and after ) Fixed the left rear window as It wouldn't go down ( replaced window regulator as quite common issue on these car ) Fixed the reverse camera as it wouldn't come in at all ( took me ages going through forum post, turned out that someone unplugged the camera connector cable on the left side of the boot ) Regassed the hood struts as it wouldn't stay up I have been lurking this forum a lot and was wanting to do a bit of mods to the car to increase performance and sound. I think base HP for this model is 305-315 The engine in this is a VQ35HR where's many posts suggest they are in 2007+ cars which is weird. I have a list of mods/parts but was wanting to ask you guys if im going down the right track in terms of this as im not a mechanic but wanted to learn on how to install these things for further knowledge etc. Intake: Stillen Gen 3 ( https://conceptzperformance.com/stillen-402849-generation-3-ultra-long-tube-dual-intake-kit-infiniti-g35-07-08-sedan-v36_p_3075.php ) - $495 Suspension: Tein Flex Z Coilover ( https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/performance/suspension-braces/listing/3056436717?bof=uCBl6IUW ) $2,099 Exhaust: Motordyne Shockwave Catback ( https://conceptzperformance.com/motordyne-shockwave-eg37-s-catback-exhaust-infiniti-g35-g37-sedan-v36-rwd-awd-md-015_p_30645.php ) $2,099 Carbon Fiber Hood: ( https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/performance/body-kits-mouldings/listing/3055276702?archive=1&bof=S9aqtgPN ) $1,299 Menu conversion to English: ( https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-stereos/other/listing/3054355076?bof=b7bOwQQn ) - Is in my local city can visit in store, $399 Using the Conceptz website has a chart for compatible for the car etc which starts with 2007 and was unsure if these parts will fit with my car. Any suggestions would be appreciated or parts to add etc or just some general advise
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