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  1. Hey all. Just joined here to see if anyone can help me. I bought a c34 rs250 s2 rear wheel drive stagea in 2001. Have had it since. Its got 175 000 kms on the clock. Its got big turbo. Intercooler. Heaps of mods that were already done when i got it from japan. My problem is the gearbox. Its been serviced regularly and now its hard to take off and sitting on 4500rpm at 100kms. So i know its stuffed. Can anyone tell me will the tiptronic auto from a skyline fit it. Any help would be appreciated. Ive read the gearbox threads but there is nothing i can find. Cheers
  2. hey guys. New to this site. Can anyone tell me if a tiptronic auto from a skyline will fit my c34 s2 stagea
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