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  1. Damn I got no other phone atm. Would you have any idea why my bluetooth would not be appearing? I've followed the guide setting passcode, entering my phone number etc but no success. Here’s what my Bluetooth info looks like, anything look wrong there?
  2. Ahh okay, so must be a different problem then as I’m not seeing * pop up on my phones Bluetooth. Could it be because I’m using iPhone X? I seen somewhere that later model phones don’t pair with skylines system.
  3. Hi guys, trying to suss out the Bluetooth in my car but it seems something is wrong with it. when I go to pair my phone, my-car does not appear on the pairing screen or my phone. You can see what I mean in the images attached it says “*”, when it should be saying “my-car”. Any help appreciated
  4. Trying to get ahold of the translation documents but links are dead for existing discussions
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