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  1. Hi @WR33KD and @PLYNX Just wanted to let you know I just got a new cluster and the Tacho worked straight away. Cheers for the help, much appreciated
  2. Hi @PLYNX They did, they both said they could not see any issues with either the wiring or the cluster. The Cluster guy took it all apart and had no issues with it. The Auto Elecs tested the wiring and said they couldn't find any issues. That is a good option, I hopefully can find one to buy in Melbourne. Have you heard of this issue before or just an educated guess? Thank you regardless mate it is much appreciated
  3. Okay fair enough, cheers! Do you have any idea what you think it could be?
  4. Hi everyone, I hope everyone is having a good day as a skyline owner ( or enthusiast) I am having a very difficult time with my cluster at the moment. Here are a list of sections to my predicament: - None of the gauges work (except the turbo gauge I think) - The lights on the cluster will light up (handbrake light, check engine, battery etc. when I stall) but are not on regularly - I have sent the cluster to a specialist in the Eastern Melbourne suburbs. He took it all apart and said he could not see any issues with it - I have sent the car to the Auto Electricians in the Eastern Melbourne suburbs too, they had a look at the wiring and said they could not find anything wrong either - The car does not have a Speed Transducer in the car at the moment. I have bought one but have not yet fitted it. This leads to my questions. If I replace the speed transducer, will this fix the rest of the issues on the cluster? I was hoping that it maybe completed some form of a circuit for everything? Could it be the ECU? as far as I know I am still running the stock ECU
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