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  1. Looking for rear parcel shelf speaker mounts for an r33 GtS-T series 1.
  2. Hi all i am looking for a series 1 window switch. It is an 11 pin switch and smaller than the series 2 switches which currently being sold online . im located in melbourne . cheers
  3. Hi all I recently purchased some rear speaker mounts for an r33. I didn’t realise at the time but it seems the mounts for a GTR doesn’t fit a GTS-T. I can’t seem to find what the gts-t mounts look like? I have attached photos of the mounts I purchased
  4. Lol Don’t think I want to find out!
  5. Can I ask how much they quoted for such a build?
  6. Hello Apologies in advance . Not sure the best way to describe this and the location but will do my best . I have noticed a leak around/ inside the chassis side rail . It was a slow drip but was finding it beneath as well before I cleaned it a few days ago. I cleaned it best I could as pictured. I also followed the plastic hose casing up to behind the driver side front wheel (other side of chassis to brakes) . Hope that makes sense . I noticed the leak but couldn’t really pinpoint to where and suspect it’s the reason I’m finding it in my chassis railing. the black hosing pictured looks a bit cracked but not sure if that’s really the source . I have taken a photo of the chassis railing today as well and can see there is some sort of leak coming from it. Anyone recognise what I’m looking at here? thanks Ez
  7. Hi All I have recently purchased a 94 r33. it is missing rear speakers and the rear stock yellow speaker mounts so I am unable to mount any speakers. ive seen some photos of relatively new black plastic fittings. I can’t seem to find any online that will fit? Any ideas or anyone had a similar experience ? Thanks in advance Eran EDIT: i am trying to mount 6.5” speakers.
  8. Hey mate are you paying comprehensive? They asked if I had modifications which it is does, but just the usual - exhaust, Pod filter and fmic which was how I purchased it . I’m not sure if this would make much of a difference or if people don’t mention this stuff?
  9. Hi all I am located in Melbourne and looking for a factory r33 gtst airbox with snorkel. happy to pay for postage as well. thanks Ez
  10. I did notice on the Shannon’s quote, they offer a 65% no claim bonus after 3 years. Perhaps that’s why you guys are getting such good rates now? im in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Insured value of 19k
  11. Thank you so much. You guys are life savers! They’ve quoted as low as $1200 a year for what I need! Thank you!!
  12. Hi All I am 30-year-old with no loss of license, demerit points or convictions etc. I Recently purchased a 94 R33 GTS-T (vic). Purchase price of $18500. I have rung several insurance companies looking for quotes on comprehensive insurance. Below are my findings: 1. RACV - will not insure 2. Youii - $2400 / year 3. Shannons - $2313 / year 4. Budget - Will not insure 5. AAMI will not insure Barely any aftermarket mods with only a 3" exhaust and intercooler. I am not sure what everyone else is doing? is this normal or are most just taking out third party? this is only a weekend car i may take out once a week if that. Any comments / advice would be appreciated. thanks in advance. Ez
  13. 6U9000ECR33023424 thanks in advance guy :)
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