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  1. Honestly no but I might throw one in my next skyline, camry powered 32 sounds sick.
  2. I understand the money cost of a 304 but I'm not after some 1000kw 304 I simply want a 304 swapped r33 with say 300kw I know it's not hard to get that type of power my mates vs wagon pulls that no problem. And as for what I would achieve? To most nothing but im not building my cars for others im building them for me. If somethings easy its not worth doing, words to live by lad.
  3. @Rusty Nuts Thanks for answering the question boss man, and I didn't find anything to do with the 304 swap im new to the mechanical side of things and i dont know anything about Ford motors idk what a 410 is tbh grew up round Holden people thats why seeing a Ford motor in a 34 in some article wouldn't help me i didnt know the 410 was the same size as the 304. And i dont wanna go with an ls because I love my Aussie built holden motors dont wanna use the ls its boring everyone puts em in everything they're everywhere and iv not seen a 304 in skyline before, im essentialy taking the motors out of both my cars and swapping them into each other, so rb25det powered vs ute and a aussie v8 powered r33.
  4. i have a question on an engine swap and i cant seem to find anything related to it so i thought id come here, so i wanna put a worked 304 fuel injected 5ltr v8 into my r33 series 2 gtst. all i want to know is will the old v8 fit into the engine bay without having to modify it heavily?
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