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  1. I have no idea what that is but it’s absolutely ruining that f40
  2. It’s mine but thx for ur concern it’s greatly appreciated
  3. Well I still have the Ferrari but the beat is cool. Not everyone likes the look but I do. Also the car has a tiny engine but it’s also cause of the law and it’s a tiny car so it tries to go. I was thinking of an engine swap tho
  4. Sorry I haven’t been on here much. I appreciate all the suggestions and advice. I think I’m goin to get a Honda beat. Seems like the complete opposite of the fast high horsepower car I want but it’s lightweight and it’s cheap. I was thinking maybe I can remove the “trunk” and get a slightly bigger engine for it. if we didn’t have these stupid import laws I definitely would b getting a S660 and putting the liberty walk kit on it but that’s 20 years away I think. hopefully I get a car before the spring so I can bring it to my car show when that starts. If not the g wagon and the Ferrari will b going when really I should have a skyline there. I guess it’s time to move on from that. U guys think skylines will b way more money in 30 years? I think they will skyrocket. When these cars turn 50 I bet it’s hundreds of thousands to get one. R34 gtr is already easily over 100k all over the internet some special editions being half a million. If a normal r32 gets that high then I will b crushed but I really feel like it will happen
  5. This is one of those cars I would go wow look at that. Just really appreciate someone else owning it but never want it myself. U know? Yes Ik I have the worst cars ever I can’t believe it. The E63 purchase didn’t happen sadly. That one just wasn’t the one to get. I do have a Ferrari tho so we have to change it to I’m stuck with a g wagon and a Ferrari for now sadly. I have been getting some serious harassment from my fam and really anyone I talk to bout gettin a car that isn’t on this site. They think I should “get something practical” because “everyone always crashes their first car” and the only difference between me and them is “ur car will disintegrate because u will b going to fast with that car”. Nobody seems to understand I don’t need a daily and I want something to drive around in sometimes and go to car shows or on cruises and just b proud of myself for gettin that car. Since I’m going in this new direction what cheap garbage cars would u guys recommend? Jokes r welcome as long as a real suggestion is clearly stated as well. If the car breaks down I don’t care cause if I waste some money on a car that breaks down I feel like it will always b a big I told u so moment that I can use. At the same time I don’t want the car to b a complete embarrassment so don’t suggest an ugly car that’s embarrassing to have in the driveway. Thx for all ur help guys Also I just dropped 6k on a computer in October. It’s a custom one. This was used as an example of how I make stupid purchases. I have been asked a few times how I’m so cheap but then want to buy cars and computers that r so much money. Well what’s the point in being cheap if u don’t go expensive on some things? Food only lasts u those few minutes u spend eating it. A boat only makes u happy the day u buy it and the day u sell it. Paying for a bunch of tv streaming services sounds cheap but they all add up in the end and there’s always one u don’t watch. A haircut can only look so good and for a guys trim shouldn’t cost more than $20 realistically. People spend money on these things all the time. I like to spend money on things that can last longer and make me happier. For example a car. Yes I could easily drop thousands into it but it feels so much more worth it than buying a $50 steak or getting a $45 haircut every week. The car will always make me smile and go “I can’t believe I own that”. Other people spend lots of money on stuff they forgot about 5 seconds after they were done with it. If anyone can relate to any of this let me know
  6. I had assetto corsa on PlayStation and that game was so garbage. I hate it so much. I felt like I had no control of the car. @robbo_rb180 do u think I should go with the mclaren wheel then? Is there a newer better one? How do I even use the wheel like do I have to get the whole setup with the chassis and the seat and the shifter and pay how much for it? Is $1000 a good budget?
  7. I’m sorry bout that but at least we r reviving this forum. A huge part of it seems to have died. Threads goin unanswered for 4 or 5 years or more. It’s sad do u have mods on gta? I have a few but it’s so annoying that they all don’t work with each other. Also idk how to change the buttons for all the mods so some use the same button meaning it’s even harder to get them to work together. Some games make mods easy. Some don’t. This game doesn’t.
  8. I’ve been thinkin bout gettin iracing now that I have a computer to run it on. Let’s revive this thread and I’ll b more motivated. If ur thinkin rn bout project cars rn then let me ask u this. Did u know project cars 3 is out? If no it’s cause it’s complete trash but if yes I have another. Does anyone else in the world really know it’s out? The answer is no. Everyone that knows bout it is hiding this arcade game from everyone else cause they went so backwards in development. Ig u have to go back to iracing. Unless u guys know of something else that’s better? Might also get forza. Also I need wheel suggestions and I don’t want to spend to much on it but I don’t want to go to cheap on it at all.
  9. LETS GET THIS GOIN AGAIN!!!!!!! Who is still following???
  10. Who is still following this topic? Also I come from the side of beamng drive. I’m not sure if u guys know(it’s been a feature for a while now but nobody has posted here in a long time) but u can drive ur cars (on a separate game that u have to purchase as well). It’s really cool. The handling on beam for these cars needs to b fixed (meaning the thing in automation that makes the car compatible for beam needs to write the handling code better cause they suck). I’m using one of the betas now instead of the recommended version. I’m not saying the game is released but if u look on steam there r different versions of the beta u can use. @daffyflyer r u the creator of this game? If so can I help on development? I would really like to see it progress a lot farther and b like the iracing of car design games. At the top and untouchable. I played the campaign and I make a lot of econoboxes that r complete trash but sell amazing. I think the game should have an option to never end. I get we can’t predict the future and it doesn’t make 100% sense but if it didn’t stop at 2020 and just kept counting that would b nice. I would like to see how long I can go with some of my shitboxes but to beat the game I only need to make 3 models and I can make it from 1940 or whatever it starts at all the way to 2020. I actually have made it in 3 models and only the first car got 1 facelift and all that was was some brake and engine changes and I think that’s it. I had so much money at the end. Don’t take this as me saying it’s easy cause it’s not at all and a lot of time went into the design of these cars.
  11. Case: NZXT H710 Tempered Glass Gaming Case - Matte White Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS ULTRA - WiFi 6, ARGB Header (2), USB 3.2 Ports (2 Type-C, 5 Type-A), M.2 Slot (3) CPU & CPU Cooler: Intel® Core™ i9-10900KF Processor MSI MAG CORE LIQUID 360R 360MM ARGB LIQUID COOLER (6 fans- 3 push 3 pull) RAM: 4000mhz cl14 32gb(2x16) Trident Neo (Soon I’ll look into two more sticks to fill my 4 slots. I’m not sure if I want ultra high power or ultra high memory amount for the new memory tho. I can go up to 5000mhz or I can go the other way and get lower power sticks of 64 each or something) Monitor: 45in 4K Graphics Card: MSI Ventus RTX 3090 - 24GB GDDR6X (VR-Ready) {[stock it has 3 fans but I might go to water cooled with its own 360mm radiator. That means 2 360mm radiators in one computer]} Primary Hard Drive- 2TB WD Black 3D Series SN750 M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD -- Read: 3400MB/s; Write: 2900MB/s Secondary Hard Drive- 2 TB SEAGATE HARD DRIVE 7200RPM Power Supply 1050 Watt - ENERMAX MaxTytan Series - 80 PLUS Titanium, Fully Modular OS Used: Windows 10 Home w/ Windows Recovery USB - (64-bit) Peripherals: Keyboard Corsair something, Mouse razor trinity with like 21 buttons, headset PlayStation platinum (it’s amazing especially when u mess with the sound settings) headset will probably b upgraded to the platinum headset 2.0 aka ps5 headset FURMARK SCORES!!!!!!!!!!! preset 2160 - score 5341 preset 1440 - score 9396 preset 1080 - score 14021 preset 720 - score 23126 temp never reached 60 C If u want to know what I score on a different test just tell me what one to do and I’ll test it If u have a 3090, or any 3000 series cards or know someone with one check out this thread on Tom’s hardware that I started. I’m trying to get people to post what scores they get for comparison but I can’t find anyone with these cards yet. https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/rtx-3000-series-test-scores.3670609/
  12. He raised the price and I was not allowed to buy it because “it’s so old for so much money and I don’t understand y u would want it” (my dads words not mine) my bank account is still in his name cause I’ve had the account like my whole life and it was never changed. This week I’ve been tryin to buy a car that he approves of cause it seems like I’m not gettin one any other way. Unless u want to start like a go fund me and get some money for me. I’m not allowed to go over $18,000 for the car and they raised the price to $20,500 and it’s non negotiable. I guess I’m going to b stuck with an E63😰. I have made a thread to keep everyone updated on... I was going to say my car but maybe I’ll make it all my car stuff but for now it’s on my car/ car buying process
  13. These r kinda the reason I’m not telling him he has to give me my money and goin to buy the car. It’s like skyline on one hand with the big amount of hp for the time but not so much now or a e63 with 5??hp that I can buy the tuning chip for and make over 600hp and call it a day
  14. I can afford it but I can’t. Like yes I could go home after my vacation and get the cash pretty fast but by the time I have it the car would’ve been sold like two weeks ago. It’s goin to sell to fast. People r just stupid with these cars and when they see one for sale they just call the importer and say they will take it. I got lucky to even see it cause I texted the dealer for a while and I got to see it before he put it up. I have the cash for the car and everything for right now but I have also had my money in the same account for the past... forever. Meaning it’s in my dads name and it was never taken out of his name. He apparently “doesn’t understand the car and y anyone would pay so much for a slow really old car” so I am not allowed to pay as much as they r askin now cause he won’t write the check. If I had more cash on hand I can buy it but I only have a couple hundred dollars. I’m not sure if I explained this well or not. Basically I’m allowed to spend a lot more if I buy something he likes. If I don’t get something he likes then I get no help and am not allowed to spend every cent or even half of every cent on the car. The worst part is it’s my money and I went to work for how long but still can’t spend it on what I want to buy. so basically unless there is a miracle in the next week I’m stuck with a g wagon and a e63 and driving my work van that’s also a Mercedes. I just wanted a skyline😭. Also would’ve liked to start a YouTube channel for the build. I thought people would’ve liked it cause I would’ve given real feedback and numbers on the car instead of the garbage sponsors everyone else does. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas
  15. Well first of all it seems like people reported me for absolutely no reason and I can’t see any other threads but I can start my own to keep everyone updated on the whole skyline situation 1 I looked at it 2 it’s super amazing there’s no rust barely any dash bubbles and it seems to run great but they don’t allow test drives cause “u get to drive it when u buy it” 3 they raised the price on me and they don’t negotiate cause “if u don’t want to buy it I’ll find someone else easily” 4 this is the worst week of my life cause I just saw the best skyline ever to b in the USA and I’m like $2k short with the price meaning after taxes and gettin it home and everything I’m lookin at like $6k or $7k short I would think 5 what am I supposed to do? Start a go fund me? It’s not like I have cancer and I’m dying tomorrow so nobody will donate I bet 6 my dad is harassing me bout buying other things that r “better” so i think I’m just goin to get a E63 AMG and just sit on that for a while. 7 ig this means my skyline dreams r not over and r staying dreams. If only dreams came true but ig this wouldn’t b called reality then thx guys for all ur help and feedback I really appreciate it
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