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  1. Wow, surprised I remembered my password for here. Sold the garnish and most of the gear pictured at least 10 years ago. I have other stuff, but I’m keeping it all as it’s suoer hard to find any of it nowadays.
  2. Item: 1986 D21 Navara 4x4 Dual Fuel Location: Melb Item Condition: Great for a 23 year old utility. 330,000kms. Paint is average in spots, but it's a workhorse and still pretty straight and looks neat. I'm just pedantic! Reason for selling: Looking at getting a different car. Something with more go than Grrrr. Price and price conditions: $3200ono Extra Info: Have owned this car for 2 years. Has a 2.4L Z24 motor on gas. Engine is a little tired compared to a freshy, but doesn't leak oil. Parts replaced since owning: -2 new tyres (Maxxis Bravo All terrain) May 09, 2 New tyres Mar 08 (Hankook DynoPro) 265/70 R16 (About $800 worth) -Ironman Heavy Duty 2" lift kit (For extra load carrying. Includes Ironman rear leaf springs, Ironman Nitro Gas shocks, Ironman HD Torsion Rods and poly spring bushings) fitted in Mar 09 ($900 @ trade price plus fitting) -New Points, Dizzy cap, rotor button and gas tune in May 09 -New drive belts, ignition Leads, plugs, oil and air filters fitted Feb 09 -New starter motor fitted August 08 -New Genuine Nissan Ring gear, PBR Heavy Duty clutch October 07 -New front brake pads April 09 -Thermostat May 09 -Water temp sender, have a new one waiting to be fitted. There's probably more Have taken this off road very rarely. Maybe 2-3 times in the whole time I've had it. Owner before me had owned it 10 years and was from the country, so it's done mainly highway miles the last 12 years. It's a fun and handy car, but I'm really missing something that has more go. Car has working Aircon, CD player (can throw in an amp if buyer wants it), tow bar, driving lights, stainless muffler and 2" or 2.25" exhaust. Can also provide a challenge flexiglass canopy that needs a little work to fit back on the tub and also comes with Tonneau cover and frame. I will not provide RWC but may include reg depending on sale price Feel free to ask questions here, If interested, contact Via PM for contact details
  3. got an account going, but can't access any of the links put up
  4. bah...I don't have access to a "real" email address to join R31skylineclub That was why i tried here
  5. Hi guys, Have been toying witht he idea of building an R31 tow car for the odd Winton and Heathcote trip and have been looking for info on fitting a VH series motor into an R31. I know it has been done before, but info is very scarce. Essentially, I'm after info on compatible subframes, gearboxes (would like to keep it auto) and I guess any pros and cons to do with the swap. I'm not after anything more than having it as a daily driver that can tow. Why R31? Because I want my tow car to look like a big version of the car it'll be towing! Any help would be appreciated Cheers Mika
  6. Mika

    2009 F1 Season

    I was standing on turn 3 when Kubica and Vettel hit eachother and it really looked as though Vettel tried to give Kubica the squeeze. I haven't seen a replay, but I think vettel was trying to shut the door way too late. EDIT: After seeing this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQdiGI7b2dY and http://www.motorchili.com/video/3325/F1-Au...nd-Kubica-crash, I stand by my original comment. Though I do think Rubens deserves a similar penalty.
  7. Mika

    2009 F1 Season

    Mercedes Power!! Good to see someone new up the front (even if it was Button), and both Ferrari's pointless. next two rounds will be interesting! Now who's lol-ing?
  8. The actual numbers for job listings are down massively. Most places are cutting numbers. I know in my field horticulture/landscaping there aren't too many jobs other than the unskilled ones associated with the field.
  9. Don't think the black R34 that was there on the day was a member, but if you were, Thanks for coming! We raised $1000 from about 25 cars which, by comparison with other clubs charging $20 entry fees, was pretty awesome.
  10. No, the nissan stand was crap. If it weren't for the GTR and 370, of which they tucked the GTR away at the back, no one would have even bothered taking a look. They had a counter with a stack of promo posters for the 370 there. That was it. Most other manufacturers had merchandise and staff actively handing out promo stuff and talking to people, but nissan had next to nothing happening. WHen they ran out of posters, the girl just added another stack to the counter and stood there.
  11. Usually it is around 7pm (i.e. a long day!), but it's up to you whether or not you come through the Otways on the way home after lunch. Most people go there own way home once we stop in Colac for those needing a refuel. I can't remember exactly though as I've had to stop to bail people out from car issues the last 2 years. I do recall the sun still being up when i got home previously though!
  12. Depending on how many raffle tickets we sell, the Signed GRM shirt and cap will be raffled otherwise, ALL the following items will be auctioned on the day:
  13. Mika


    order new ones and say your old ones were damaged in an accident. Technically, you can't do this as it means there is more than one set of your plates in circulation, but with custom plates, they are probably hanging on some kid's bedroom wall.
  14. I also got one of the other raffle prizes today, ~$100 worth of Autoglym car care gear!
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