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  1. I have always wanted a japanese sportscar and my absolute favourite is the R32 GTR. But here in cold norway the prices was to high for an 20yo car mechanic, so after one year of searching old nissans, i decided to buy an beautiful AN0 R33 GTST. At the time of the purchase the plan was just to do light modifications. Modlist in 2018 6boost upgraded turbo rated for 400whp Overhauled engine with wiseco pistons, greddy head gasket, Arp head studs Big frontmount intercooler Intercooler pipe kit Z32 maf Apexi powerfc Apexi AVCR turbotimer Nismo 740cc injectors Spitfire coils walbro 244 pump OS giken twinplate clutch aftermarket downpipe HKS superdragger exhaust Work Emotion D9R rims JUN front bumper GTR rear wing R33 GTR interior
  2. 1994 Nissan Skyline GTST RB25DET type M, that i bought in 2018 with a good modlist. Upgraded turbo, Apexi power fc and a built engine with about 400hp in engine. R33 GTR interior which made the whole car, and a newly painted outside. This is more of a "documentation" thread of the build and a motivation booster for others and myself. In the case of an eventual sale of the car they can view this page to see all that have been done to the car .
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