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  1. If the top firewall section has been replaced then I should be able to scratch it to see Red Pearl. I will look up vincheck and call Lena engineering to see if that sheds any more light to this story. Thanks all. This has me worried. It all went through fine at VIC Roads with transfers though.
  2. No signs of Red pearl colour anywhere. all black. Also does not have a sunroof. As per a previous post from Rusty Nuts there are 43 Unknow spec and mine is one of them. Still don't understand what that means. Im stuffed!
  3. This was my first ever skyline and did not know what to look for. It does not have a blue plate like the R33 GTST I have. I thought because it had the ADR Plate, that it was fine.
  4. No sorry. I meant no information can be found on the Vin number.
  5. Here are all the tags and stamps on the vehicle. Cheers
  6. Hi All, Can anyone help with the cable speedo drive foe a manual 5 speed box as per photo. The one in the photo is out of my Auto box and does not fit. Appreciate any help. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the input. Guess its a mystery car lol
  8. WOW! What does that mean? Can I assume that the colour on it is the factory colour? As it appears to be original.
  9. Its Black. And shows no signs of it being Red Pearl Metalic anywhere. Cheers
  10. Hi there, New to this Forum and hoping to find information on my R32 GTST as the info I found seems wrong. I have attached what I have found so far but colour seems wrong and Vin cant be found. Anyone help?
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