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  1. FOB - Part No - 285E3 - JK05A Key blank Part No - H0564 - EG010 posted from Japan around $120-$150 just google the parts numbers.
  2. Thought I might add some info for people looking to get a new key and Fob for a Skyline GT370 or similar V36 models this what I found- Nissan don't want to know you. although some will try if pushed with info provided by some of the threads here. Parramatta nissan being one who said they would try {no gaurantee it would work} after telling me the cant do it, they wanted $225 for the pleasure to Program the key. Mind you some dealers don't have the security module for the consult 111+ scan tool so fair enough. Keys Fobs , Sinergy motorsports sell them for about $200 genuine JDM import. Key plus Fob - Stock could be problem in the near future Nissan charge around $380 + If you can find your part number you could probably get one a bit cheaper directly from a Jap parts website online. I did also find some second hand units online in Japan about $135-170 posted to Aust. couldn't find any info whether these can be reprogrammed ? Let me Know Brains Trust Programming the key- there are a few locksmiths who can do it with a bit of searching, charging $165 for programming. That will vary with each locksmith. I did find a guy in sydney who could do it with non genuine parts for $350 all up but who knows what quality you will get. All in all the process is time consuming and painfull but can be done. if anyone knows someone in Sydney who can program them cheaper let me know Hope this helps
  3. The info for the factory key is no longer on that thread link is dead any one have a link on getting a new key made
  4. Ok thanks for the confirmation back to square one and hole in my wallet 😎
  5. Hi just wondering if anyone has had any success with a direct swap of the infotainment unit from a Infiniti G37 or Q60 Into a GT 370 ive scoured every forum known to man and haven’t been able to find any info re the compatibility of the two units. thanks in advance
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