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  1. All good info. thanks. I was wondering if the change to something higher in the HID range would be good. How many lumens are these stock? Cheers
  2. Thanks for the info. That’s a help. Cheers John
  3. I think I have to pull the bulb and it is an Exon. Just wondering if LEDs can go in here and if they are any improvement?
  4. Bulb change. Can I ask what kind of bulbs go in the headlights are the 2009 Skyline v36? Are they Exxon HIDs with a balanced or just ordinary bulbs?
  5. It would be possible to put a towbar on the skyline if you remove the rear muffler, and to keep the increased noise under control, put a resonator on each side, as part of a new pipe to the rear, making room for a purpose-built Towbar. Just a thought if you really want to keep the skyline. Cheers John
  6. You will probably miss the car when you sell it. They’re pretty nice. What will you replace it with? I have a golf R as well, an amazing car. skyline is just a little more crazy.
  7. Hi Julie, you have the same car as me and I am thrilled with my choice. I also saw that New Zealand partial conversion but in my opinion this is a much better way to go, so good. I have done a complete right up, posted under a different heading on this forum. I have re-written and corrected it more accurately and more completely and have it as a word document, Which I can send you if you like. As long as you are reasonably handy you will be able to follow all my instructions, combined with pictures from Simon who sells the units from Estonia Cheers John
  8. I have just taken time to read up on the ATTESA E-TS Pro setup and I now know why the GTRs cost so much. This is a unique system. Great, now I know it is definitely out of my league. cheer John
  9. It’s not the power is that can be provided with a turbo/supercharger but rather towards the handling of the GTR. Cheers John
  10. Thanks, just wondering if anyone had done a conversion but looks out of scope. Cheers John
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