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  1. Thanks, I will try that to see if either one affects the mirror going down in reverse.
  2. Thanks for the guesses Maddy. I’ll check them out. Anyone else there know exactly what they are?
  3. Can anyone tell me what this plug socket is in my centre console? (Picture attached) I also have two switches by my right knee that are a mystery to me (Picture attached and what I know about them is explained below). The switches in that area from Top left (turning the auto turning lights on and off), moving to the right of that is the Boot release and then on the right is the traction control switch. next line down on the right is where you put the key in if the key battery is flat, so you can start the car BUT I do not know what the switch to the left of that is?? Can any one tell me? Then the next row down above the ETC toll card slot there is another small switch. Does anyone know that that switch does? ? Thanks for any help
  4. Is anyone selling secondhand big brakes for V 36 Skyline?
  5. The seller on eBay is sema-ik1-9 You have to purchase the unit and then send a picture of your system turned on and tell Simon whether it has Bose Soundsystem or not. If you can’t find the exact one, according to the year of your car, then you can still contact the seller by going into a similar unit that he is advertising and ask whatever questions you need to. He will get back to you via eBay. Hope this helps anyone else who maybe interested. cheers John
  6. I have contacted Simon in Russia and he is processing my order for a complete unit ready to plug and play with everything in English including Australian maps for $1328 Australian. I just have to remove the old unit and plug the new unit in. This should make life a lot easier. I have also put a cruise control on the car including a copy of the genuine steering wheel controls (I think that was $1100). With today’s fines It’s just too hard to keep speed under control without it. I think that’s pretty well makes the car the same As buying an Australian Infiniti G 37? Thanks for all the contributions. Cheers John
  7. I rang the guy in Estonia but he seem to only be able to speak Russian, so I’ve sent him a Skype message but don’t have an email to send to and all I can find on eBay is the conversion for a 2010+, whereas mine is 2008 And I think it needs a different one. I will continue to try and contact this guy. Thanks for your help. I actually want everything not just the $400 deal. Cheers John
  8. Yes, It looks like they have gone, just wondering why the hard drive doesn't reflect that. About your quote: That is a good question! If no one can see that you are a hoon then maybe you have lost your hooning DNA somewhere? Maybe you got the covid 19 vax and it changed your DNA, even though the manufacturer says it doesn't the thing is: Don't take the vax. Cheers John
  9. Yes, I have been using Google translate on my phone to read the Japanese in English.
  10. Hey, that is great. Was it a CD that you put into our unit? is there more to it than that, like any wiring or other CDs for the maps etc? I noticed that it did the dash part too. Pretty good for $1500 hey? My car is a 2008 370GT too. build date is Dec 2008. I know that previously no one seemed to say that this was possible, except to do a complete change of the core and associated wiring changes to that of an Australian sold Infinity G37? Ok, can you give me the contact details, so I can take this further? I see you are at Byron Bay Clive. Not too far away except for these unknown irregular covid restrictions. Cheers John
  11. I am still trying to find that link myself but will certainly post it if I find it.
  12. I accidentally discovered a website that seemed to be published by a Russian showing that a CD could be inserted converting everything to usable English on my V 36. Is that only for post 2010 cars or is it possible on my 2008 car. I haven’t been able to find that site again but maybe someone here is up with the play? Thanks John
  13. Thanks for that. I figured it out but only one hitch when I go to the screen that tells me how many folders, how many files and how much time I’ve got left on my hard drive, nothing changes even though I have deleted heaps of folders. I turned the car off and came back later and turned it back on again, thinking it may have reset but still showing about 50% of my hard drive used but I have only one album on there now, At least only one visible item. During the discovery process I did click on something that delegated album information and from then on that line was never highlighted again but was kind of a shadow showing that it was not accessible. What am I missing? Have I just deleted the information so that you can’t find the albums, Or have I actually deleted the albums themselves?
  14. Hi The Max, I have that sticky on my phone and on the right hand side of the page there is a picture of the steering wheel controls and under that a menu window picture as from the touch screen on the car but I have not been able to find that menu in the car. I think I’ve looked in every possible place but with no success. I hit the button that brings up the main menu and then I go to the top right which is the phone button and click on there and go through all the options that I can find it but still no luck. Any hints? Any hints? Also I’m still looking for how to delete Old songs from the hard drive. Any advice on that? Old songs from the hard drive. Any advice on that? Thanks John
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