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  1. Hey fellas, Both good points, 300kw was probably a bit of a overbite for the old S14 so looks like I will go with less power. Probs just get a link ecu, run it on E85, upgrade the fuel pump and injectors/coils and maybe a slightly bigger turbo. Plus a decent clutch.
  2. Hey Crew, At the moment i am running a stock s14 setup with Tomei 256 11.5 lift cams and random front mount intercooler. Just looking at advice for turbo, injectors, coil pack, ecu, manifold, cooling, fuel pump ect to make a reliable 300kw street/track SR20det with stock gearbox/axles/diff. Don't mind spending a bit extra on parts if it extends the life of the engine and i don't like cheap shit. Will do all the work myself as i have a decent mechanical knowledge. comments, list of parts all welcome. Engine has around 200k on it and never been flogged granny spec when purchased. cheers fellas
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