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  1. Hey, everyone!! I’ve got a 1989 GTR. Bought a stock Rb26 out of a 99’ and I’m currently rebuilding it now while it’s outside the car. so as of right now, I’ve got on the motor: Garrett 2860R- 5’s with HKS oil restrictor ported stock manifolds HKS turbo elbows tomei VALC cams with 254 duration and 9.15mm of lift Radium Fuel rail 800CC injectors by Deatschwerks new OEM timing belt idler pulley, tensioner spring, tensioner pulley HKS adjustable intake and exhaust cams new OEM water pump full HKS exhaust HKS downpipes extended oil filter housing with -10AN fittings to an oil cooler Breather hoses to an oil catch can from the valve covers Nismo thermostat Fuel pressure regulator All new HKS gaskets Tomei timing belt tomei oil gallery orifice tomei oil pan baffle N1 Oil pump with spool forged gears Tomei valve springs and retainers everything else on the motor is pretty much stock that I haven’t listed here. Stock rods and pistons. the chassis is completely built. It has a full GKTech suspension and BcForged coilovers, fuel cell in the trunk with dual high flow fuel pumps, battery relocation to the trunk and a full heads up AEM display with an AEM infinity ECU. i think my question would be, (being new to the RB26 motor) would be, how solid is this build? I’m honestly looking for a reliable street car. Looking for a realistic 300-400 horsepower reliably while also being able to have fun driving in a spirited way. Not looking to bounce off the rev limiter. im hearing that the RB26 has some oil issues and I’ve read up on the N1 oil pump. I feel confident in my build in so far but I’m not too sure about the n1 pump with those spool forged gears. Is that enough to reach what I’m achieving assuming I’m not a jackass bouncing off of the rev limiter?? I’ve included photos of my motor bay and the car as well. thank you all in advance! warm regards, justin
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