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  1. Hey guys, just installed a Kenwood Car Play unit in the STX using the Aerpro FP9109XK kit. WIth an Aerpro ISO harness. I have 2 red wire options on the harness: 1. CANBUS ACC 2. Wired ACC Using option 1 which was connected by default I got no power up of the unit on Accessories, ignition or when running the vehicle Using option 2 it works on ignition and running but will not run on accessories. I called Aerpro and they said thats normal due to the way factory units work with modern cars and how their system can;t replicate this. Thinking more about this - isn't the wire labelled "Wired Acc" simply looking for a 12v+ feed ? Could I not tap into the 12V+ leg of say the Cig adaptor wire and feed it to this wire? Assuming (not ever tested) that the cig adaptor works on Accessories ? Slightly annoyed that I discovered this little gem after dropping $1200 on the unit and facia kit. I do often listen to radio/make calls whilst parked sometimes like eating lunch or waiting for someone in the car at an appointment etc.
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