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  1. Yeah that's what I was thinking. Going to vent the sump and have it drain back. Will be about 4.5ltr catch can so hopefully it's will drain faster than it fills.
  2. So have it return to sump but also run a breather?
  3. Finally got the car on the dyno and had good results. 424kw at the hubs on 24psi e85. Now I have the issue of excessive oil being push in to the catch can on long pulls so 1st gear all the way to the top of 4th gear and it spits out 750mls maybe more on one pull like that. So going to run a 4+ litre return to sump catch tank so it might have a hope of draining back in low speed corners. Is this what you would do or is there something else. Has .9mm oil restrictors in both oil feeds to the head. Any advise or just turn the boost down?
  4. Ok cool. This car has always had problems was at a shop was meant to have made 317kw at 18psi on e85 but just never felt like it he said. I dynoed it before pulling the engine and it made 203 at 16psi didn't change anything. But now just running the engine in a little and getting the power fc tuned with fc edit and datalogit box it feels like it actually has power now, so will wait to see results when dynoed and I'll post the graphs here to show what the out come is.
  5. Very true gtsboy. Might see how easy it will make the power with what boost and tune then can slowly wind it up for him as he gets use to driving it with 300kw
  6. Thanks for the replies. Ok so around the 300kw mark it's on e85 track car only. Front and rear bushes are all done. Boxed front subframe strengthen lower arms adjustable top arms. Rear subframe has been braced and reinforced in arm pivot points and hicas delete. Runs nankang sportnex ar-1 semi slicks 235/45r17 front and 255/40r17 rear. Should be getting it on the dyno for him at the end of the month and see what numbers it comes up with.
  7. That's what I was thinking. It has big brakes front and rear. Sticky track tyres. It was meant to make 300kw previous from a work shop but never seemed to go like it he said. I'm hoping when I dyno it 21-22psi should get me 300-330rwkw. should be more than enough.
  8. I've searched and spoken to people about this but thought I'd ask here and see what replies I get. Have a friends dad I just finished building the engine for and fuel system. Engine is rb25det Nitto I beam rods nitto pistons oil pump crank collar billit oil pump gears main studs head studs 9ltr high volume sump. Turbo is a garret gtx3076 .82ar 3" exhaust power fc z32 AFM fmic forward facing plenum 80mm tb The car is only a track car driver is 60yrs old. Just wanting to know people thoughts on what sort of power and boost would you think would be keeping things safe 22psi 24psi 450rwhp 550rwhp I don't want to go wild with power but don't want to go easy either. He does a 2min10sec at the Philip island if that helps before I sorted out all sorts of problems from a shop it went to for lots of work but was never right. Any thoughts would be appreciated thanks.
  9. I just finished a fuel system on a weekend track car. Has 60ltr fuel cell and cut the top out baffled the cell properly not foam and welded in a 2.5ltr surge tank to the bottom with internal 044 pump. -8an from tank pump to 3ltr surge tank twin 044 "Y" into -10an to a filter then to a Year that goes to twin -8an hoses to twin -8 entry top feed injector rail -8 return to reg then -8 return to surge and then twin -10 lines back to tank. Bit overkill but the fuel system will cope with what ever power he wants to make. It's a r33 gtst not really a street car but has rego plates full cage gutted in cab.
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