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  1. I did find this Beautiful website for parts! https://partsouq.com/ And I will be wrapping my car into this below.
  2. Definately! I am going to ask my partner who is Korean and lived in Tokyo for 12 years to try and find some places. Her parents live in NZ and we're in Melbourne.. he imports cars from Japan too. Just wondering if else had any information... =/
  3. Does anyone know of a website that lists all the fault codes for the above mentioned vehicle? I just had a comprehensive check and it has stipulated the following: Transmission Control Code: 158500 Archive (inactive) Status: Confirmed
  4. Hello folks, I have just purchased this vehicle and have wanted to for a very long time. Like most folks here, I am a Nissan fan and love the VQ engine family. As per the title, I have recently purchase the 2011 Nissan Skyline Crossover J50 370GT. Just want to know a couple of things if anyone knows? Retrofit Tail Lights - they look dated, perhaps Infiniti EX37, can't find anything Retrofit Head Lights - Same, something newer would be great Wheels - Do the Nissan 370z OEM wheels fit this car? Tesla Screen - Has anyone fitted one of these before? Thoughts? Exhaust system - Anyone have any recommendations? Small upgrades - Would changing the plenum be good? New Cam? Front Grill - Which grill does this car share the same platform? Infiniti EX37? The Coupe Skylines? Trim Decals - Anyone know where I can get replacement Badging or find the sizing for Nissan to Infiniti? If anyone has any information (I have been scouring for hours!), and can answer of of the above bullet points, that would be extremely appreciated and I would be eternally grateful.
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