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  1. Yes from what everyone is saying it is way to much boost for the stock turbo
  2. Hello everyone I know this topic has been covered a multitude of times but It’s always been plugs and coils plugs and coils, so I bought my c33 about a month ago with an Rb25det series 1 swap car runs idles very well under 5k rpm builds about 0.5 bar of boost but whenever I go WOT after 5k the boost seems to spike to about 1.0 bar of boost causing the car to spit and sputter almost like a limiter/anti lag sound I have recently replaced the coil packs brand new oem and plugs gapped to .8 igniter has been tested and in working condition engine is completely oem from an r33 gtst only thing after market is a Down pipe and a walboro fuel pump any help would be appreciated like I said I know this has been covered but no one seems to include the boost spiking like mine does, thank you
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